As many of you know, I ended my Birchbox subscription at the end of last year as I wanted to try something new that fit into my growing natural beauty routine – so say hello to the LoveLula Beauty Box!

The Lovelula Beauty Box looked like the perfect box for me as it’s incredibly affordable and features some great natural beauty brands which are all sold on In each month’s box, you’ll find discounts of the brands featured within the box, as well as a handy guide on each product so you know exactly what to expect from each item. It’s a great way to try out new products and build up a natural beauty collection at the same time – a win/win if you ask me!

So without further or do, here’s what delights featured in January’s box…

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Mándara – Total Renewal Night Cream

Madara Time

This is a brand which is new to me, but straight away I couldn’t wait to try this night cream as it sounded like the perfect product for a dry-skinned girl like me. Mándara’s Total Renewal Night Cream promises to soften, hydrate and recharge the skin while you sleep so you wake with radiant skin which is smoother and looks rested. The formula, which has a light green hue, smells fresh and has a thick texture which melts into the skin almost instantly without leaving any greasy residue. The first few nights of use, my skin didn’t feel that hydrated in the morning however, after using for about a week, I noticed that each morning, my skin looked and felt better than the day before. After using for just over 2 weeks, I absolutely love this cream. My skin looks plumper and brighter in the morning and feels softer and more hydrated. The great news is that this product goes a long way, so despite the full-sized price, it is definitely great value for money! I can’t wait to see how my skin improves over a longer period of time and will certainly be trying more from the Mándara range in the future.

Mándara Total Renewal Night Cream – £42.00/50ml

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

MOA Bath

I am already a huge fan of Magic Organic Apothecary products, and actually tried a sample of this bath potion earlier this month. I was so pleased to discover a full-sized bottle of this in my box as I absolutely love it and was already planning on repurchasing. Containing peppermint, fennel, organic yarrow, fir needle and birch, it promises to relax, calm, decongest, and relieve aching muscles. The vapours that radiate from the water instantly clears the mind as you feel the bath potion warming the body as you soak – all while leaving your skin feeling soft and soothed. After your bath, your body feels rested and muscles feel relaxed and warm; an effect which lasts all evening. I have to say that I will always have this in the house in case of colds, aches, pains and headaches, as it really is the perfect tonic for mind and soul.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion – £27.50/100ml

PHB Ethical Beauty – Brightening Eye Gel


I tried a PHB Ethical Beauty lip liner last year and was really impressed by the quality of the product and the brand’s ethos, as the family-run business gives 20% off their profits to charity. So you can imagine my delight when I saw their Brightening Eye Gel in this month’s box, especially as i’m always on the look-out for a good eye product to help with my dark circles and dry under eyes. This eye gel contains Eyebright, Neroli and White Birch Oil to boost micro-circulation and hydrate, decrease puffiness and reduce the appearance of darkness and discolouration around the eye area. The lightweight gel instantly feels nourishing on the skin and absorbs incredibly well for a gel. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and have noticed a big difference in the appearance of my dark circles and the texture under my eyes. My dry skin is hydrated after use and my eyes are less puffy in the morning. This is one of the best eye products I’ve used and i’ll certainly be repurchasing! After my positive experience I can’t wait to try more PHB Ethical Beauty products.

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel – £16.95/15ml

Laidbare – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


I’ve wanted to try the Laidbare brand for a while now and was excited to see it pop up the in the Lovelula box, especially in full size. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow is a hair minimising moisturiser, which contains liquorice, horse chestnut and marshmallow extract, and is designed to slow hair growth and act as an anti-inflammatory against irritation symptomatic with hair removal. This very thin liquid works amazingly well as a moisturiser, even on my dry skin, and gives a lovely moisturised sheen to the skin. I noticed a small difference in hair growth, as it was slightly less than my other leg (I used this on one leg to fully test the difference!), but what I noticed was that the regrowth was slightly softer so therefore less noticeable. As a moisturiser alone, I absolutely loved it, and with the added bonus of being a hair minimiser and anti-inflammatory it is certainly a keeper.

Laidbare Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – £6.99

My first Lovelula box has been amazingly good value and has featured some fantastic brands I’ve wanted to try for a while, as well as some personal favourites. To have 4 full sized products in my first box was a great start and I certainly cannot wait until next month to see what delights LoveLula has in store!

To find out more about the Lovelula beauty box, and to see what amazing products they stock online, head over to

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

All 4

10 thoughts on “LoveLula Beauty Box – January 2018

    1. I was amazed by the value and even after receiving one box, I highly recommend! The bath potion is brilliant, and even though it’s not the cheapest bath product, you use such a small amount that it will last ages x


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