The Purple Pot Company are a British brand who create high quality, natural products created with organic oils with no colourings, perfumes, parabens or harsh chemicals. They have an array of products available, specialising in skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as mature and sensitive skin types. All their products are packaged in glass or metal jars and containers, so they are also incredibly eco-friendly too.

The lovely Debbie and Carrie over at The Purple Pot Company recently sent me some samples to try out*. I was specifically looking at products designed for eczema-prone skin and a hydrating facial product so was thrilled to receive the following items…

Intensive Relief Balm

This little pot of goodness has been a lifesaver over the past few weeks, as the winter weather, central heating and busy schedule has led to patches of eczema popping up on my body. This Intensive Relief Balm, formulated with beeswax, hemp oil, wheatgerm oil, coconut oil and vitamin c, immediately calms itchy skin and soothes any irritation. Within a couple of days, my eczema was less red, and the patches had reduced in size – it also deeply hydrated these patches too and left my skin looking and feeling back to some normality. I love how it can be used on any part of the body, so it’s the perfect versatile balm to keep in your bag for relief on the go!

Intensive Relief Balm – 30ml – £10.00

Shea Butter Souffé

I’m already a big fan of shea butter, especially on my dry skin, and this soufflé was certainly no exception. As well as shea butter, which has been proven to aid the symptoms of eczema, it also contains a wealth of skin loving ingredients perfect for eczema and psoriasis sufferers alike. Coconut oil, vitamin e oil and calendula oil restores damaged skin and relieves irritation, while hemp oil and evening primrose oil reduces redness and alleviates the effects of eczema. The texture of the cream is incredibly light yet moisturising, and a little certainly goes a long way. My skin felt nourished and had a lovely subtle sheen for some time after use, which almost formed a non-greasy protective layer which retained moisture levels. I also found it very soothing on the skin, on both eczema and dry skin, and it’s certainly a product I’d repurchase again.

Shea Butter Souffé – 60ml -£9.50/120ml – £18.00

Rejuven8 – Rehydrating Serum

I am always on the look out for hydrating serums, so this sounded like the perfect product for me. The ‘facial in a bottle’ can be used all over the face including around the eyes and lips, and tackles pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and helps promote a more glowing complexion. The Amino acid-rich soy proteins within the serum are what gives the formula its hydration properties, as well as aiding collagen production and cell renewal, to give skin a firmer and smoother appearance. The amber-nectar smells divine and gives a real feel of luxury to this completely natural product. The serum absorbs quickly, and I did notice my hydration levels in the morning were improved after use. I haven’t been using the product long enough to notice any changes in the firmness of my skin, yet my skin doesn’t look as dull and lack-lustre as it did before I began using the serum. The texture has definitely improved, and I still have a lot of product left so it’s great value for money.

Rejuven8 Rehydrating Serum – 30ml – £25.00

My first experience of The Purple Pot Company has been very positive, as the products are such great quality and the brand’s ethos is admirable. I’ve found that the items I tried really worked for my skin type, and the range of products available will certainly have me going back for more.

Have you tried The Purple Pot Company yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

Disclaimer: The samples/full sized product I received from The Purple Pot Company was free of charge and I was under no obligation to provide a review or feedback of any kind. All the views and opinions in this blog post are my own.


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