If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll have noticed that Guiltless Skin are one of my favourite natural skincare brands. For me, they are the brand that ignited my love for natural skincare and all the products i’ve tried from their extensive range never fail to amaze me with their performance.

For those of you new to Guiltless Skin, you don’t know what you are missing out on. From the very first time I tried the brand, their ethos and passion for skincare is truly realised in the cruelty free and vegan products they create. They have recently received certification from The Soil Association, so they are now a recognised organic brand, and they’ve changed their packaging to significantly reduce the use of plastic where possible.

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My recent order was a large one, stocking up on some of my favourite items as well as purchasing some new products that I was lucky to have tried earlier in the year as part of a testing panel.

Illume Renew

Even though you might have seen some of these products reviewed previously, I always like to keep you updated on the long term effects of using certain skincare products so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money…

Renew Brightening Gel Mask


I was part of the testing panel for this Renew Brightening Gel Mask back in April and as soon as it became available to purchase online, I couldn’t wait to use it again. Renew is an enzyme mask, a mask which is traditionally designed to exfoliate and resurface the skin with minimum effort – but you’d be wrong in thinking that Renew is like any other. This Brightening Gel Mask contains papaya extract, organic spirulina and organic pomegranate and cucumber extract to exfoliate, accelerate cell turnover, promote collagen production, reduce the appearance of enlarged or clogged pores and fight free radicals; All while calming, soothing and nourishing the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, except for those who suffer from hypersensitivity, and is a once a week treatment to be applied to problem areas. The mask itself is unscented and has a lightweight gel texture and spreads across the skin without any difficulty. As with all enzyme masks, there is a tingling sensation and presence of heat to be expected, but from my own experience, this is only very slight and subsides within a few minutes of removal. I follow with a hydrating serum and face oil, go to sleep, and in the morning the true results of the enzyme mask shine through. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, my skin looks brighter and more radiant and my enlarged pores around my nose are greatly improved. My skin just looks and feels so much better, and the results are long lasting too. By the end of the week, I can feel that my skin starts to feel like it needs a boost, and the enzyme mask is certainly the product to do it. If you’re looking for a mask which not only exfoliates but improves the texture and appearance of your skin for the better then look no further than Renew.

Renew Brightening Gel Mask – £20.00/30ml (Comes with Double-Sided Face Cloth)

Clarify: Charcoal Cleansing Powder


I tried this powder out when it first launched and have to say that it is still firmly in my skincare routine. You can see my first impressions post here, and i’m pleased to say that my positive experience back in May has certainly continued for the long haul. I originally utilised the Clarify Cleansing Powder as a product purely for a second cleanse, but since the results wowed me so much, I now use it as a morning face wash too. My skin feels so clean and fresh after use and I don’t experience any dryness or tightness. I have even perfected my application technique, as I now use the powder in wet hands which seems to create an even better lather than before. Even though I have purchased this new Cleansing Powder, I still have a good amount of my previous bottle left which makes it fantastic value for money. If you are new to charcoal products, I highly recommend this cleansing powder, as it will certainly change your cleansing routine for the better.

Clarify: Charcoal Cleansing Powder – £10.00/20g (Comes With Double-Sided Face Cloth)

Organic Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

I absolutely love oil cleansers to remove make-up, and this one from Guiltless Skin is a particular favourite of mine. This was a repurchased item, my first one since Guiltless Skin eradicated their plastic air pump bottles to a more eco-friendly glass alternative. You can see my full review here, but I have to say that the new packaging has made me love the product even more. It looks so stylish displayed on my shelves, and is easily dispensed with just the right amount of product you need.  I do find myself reaching for this as a first cleanse even when i’m not wearing make-up as it leaves my skin feeling glorious. The addition of a cleansing cloth makes it great value for money and an oil cleanser that I cannot recommend enough.

Organic Cleansing Oil – £20.00/100ml (Comes with a Double-Sided Face Cloth)

Illume: Moisture Serum


From the moment I tried Illume Moisture Serum as part of the product testing panel, I knew that I would be purchasing as soon as it became available. I have always used Guiltless Skin’s Hydrate: Moisture Serum as my everyday serum, as it has always given me the reliable boost of hydration my skin needs. Illume is different, and if possible, even more beneficial for my dry and dehydrated skin type. The formula contains 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which is high in anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the skin’s barrier, calms redness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. With the addition of Organic extracts of pomegranate and lingonberry, and my favourite hyaluronic acid, this serum also boosts collagen production, reverses photo aging, defends the skin from environmental factors and reduces skin damage and pigmentation. The texture is much to be expected from a product containing HA, as it has a very slight tackiness to it when first applied. It spreads across the skin with ease, with a small pea-sized amount being enough for one application to the face and neck. The scent is fresh and very subtle, with just the natural scent of the ingredients shining through. My skin not only felt more hydrated, but after a few days use, my lack lustre skin looked brighter and more radiant. I’ve obviously been using it for quite a while now, and have to say that the long term results have certainly exceeded my initial expectations. The fine lines that have started to appear on my forehead have improved, my clogged pores across my nose have almost disappeared and my skin just looks glowing and healthier. Out of all the serums i’ve tried, this is the one which I keep coming back to as the results certain speak for themselves and the small amount of product used per application makes this incredibly good value for money.

Illume: Moisture Serum – £26.00/30ml

Organic Rosehip Oil


One of my favourite things about Guiltless Skin oils is the way in which they sell cold-pressed oils such as Rosehip and Argan Oil without anything added – in their simplistic form just as nature intended. I’ve tried a few different brands of Rosehip oil in the past and yet none have compared to the quality of Guiltless Skin, as they have lacked in the vivid colour and weightless texture that Rosehip oil traditionally has. I reviewed this Rosehip Oil back in February and have continued to repurchase as not only do I love it as an oil in its own right, but I also like to add it my my body moisturisers to give them an extra level of nourishment. You can see my experience with Guiltless Skin’s Rosehip Oil here,  but what I really wanted to share with you in this post is the results my Mum, who is in her 50’s, has experienced since using this oil.

My Mum has sensitive skin and has areas of uneven skin tone and pigmentation which is why I first recommended Rosehip oil to her a few months ago, especially as it is an oil most beneficial to more mature skin types. After using this for a week, she noticed a huge difference in the texture of her skin, which was smoother and softer, and felt more nourished than it had in a long time. After a couple more weeks, the appearance of her pigmentation has significantly reduced, the texture of her skin was incredibly soft and her skin looked brighter. She began to use Rosehip Oil on her arms and hands after purchasing a larger custom-sized product from Guiltless Skin. The results have been incredible, as the sun spots my Mum had started to develop on her hands have faded and she has so much more confidence in her own skin. She says she’ll never go back to using body lotions from the high street, as she has never seen such good results in a relatively short space of time.

To think that a little bottle of cold-pressed oils could make such a significant difference to someone is unthinkable, but i’ve seen it with my own eyes and can firmly say that my Mum is now a green beauty convert.

Organic Rosehip Oil – £14.00/30ml

Quench: Organic Face Oil for Thirsty Skin


My final product is the glorious oil that is Quench, which combines a blend of all my favourite oils of rosehip, argan, jojoba, grapeseed, moringa and safflower, in one handy product. I have repurchased this several times, as an everyday oil for my dry skin as well as an intensive overnight oil which leaves skin feeling nourished and ready for the day ahead. You can check out my full review here, where you’ll find out why I love it so much. I always keep a bottle of this at hand if my skin is feeling in need of a boost, but also use it throughout the Winter months when my skin needs some serious TLC.

Quench: Organic Face Oil for Thirsty Skin – £20.00/30ml

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As always, I am blown away by the amazing quality and results of Guiltless Skin products as they never fail to bring out the best in my skin. Their extensive range cater for all skin types and ensure that everyone can have maximum results from minimal ingredients within their skincare routine. Guiltless Skin’s attention to detail in their formulations , as well as the amazing customer service, keeps me going back for more and I can see a very successful future for this fantastic independent brand.



Guiltless Skincare have recently had a relaunch and are now Kri Skincare. Even though they have a brand new name and sleek new packaging, the products and brand ethos remained exactly the same. You can get £5.00 off your first order by clicking here x

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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