After receiving my first Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box last month, I didn’t hesitate to subscribe to a monthly box as the contents was so good, I couldn’t resist trying more.

Unlike last month there is a change to how the boxes are now delivered, with the removal of the rigid white box which contained the products. It is great to see Skin Organics eradicating packaging and reducing waste, and despite this change, my beauty box was still beautifully packaged, contained a wealth of information about each item and arrived in fantastic condition.

6 products from this month's box are positioned in front of a folded piece of paper with 'serenity' written on the front and a pink flower.

All the products in this month’s ‘Serenity’ themed box were perfect for this time of year, as the changeable weather certainly has me reaching for oils, balms and bath time treats. What I love most about the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box is that the majority of products featured each month are from brands i’ve never used before, something which sets this particular box apart from similar subscription boxes i’ve had in the past.

Here are my initial thoughts on this month’s box, and as always, don’t forget to check back for some full reviews coming very soon…

A.S Apothecary: Body Elixir #33

An brown dropper bottle with a white label featuring black writing stands on a white background in front of a pink flower.

Body oils are my favourite skincare treat, especially in the cooler months, so you can imagine my delight when I saw A.S Apothecary’s Body Elixir #33 in this month’s box. Firstly, this smells incredible, with a blend of bergamot and clary sage alongside skin-loving oils such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and apricot kernal oil which gives an earthy yet zesty quality that allows the true natural scent to shine through. The non-greasy oil absorbs into the skin perfectly, leaving behind silky, smooth skin which is radiant and highly moisturised. After use, my skin had a healthy sheen which remained for several hours and certainly left my skin feeling in tip-top condition. A.S Apothecary’s Body Elixir #33 certainly goes beyond the realms of a typical body oil, as this has an added element of luxury that leaves your spirits lifted, mind clearer and body feeling smoother and nourished. I can’t wait to continue using this, as well as explore the small-batch brand further to see what other great products they have to offer.

A.S Apothecary Body Elixir : £12.00/25ml – £65.00/200ml

o.Moi Denmark: The All-in-One Balm

A small blue jar with a dark blue label stands on a white background in front of a pink flower. The lid is leaning up against the jar so the white balm inside is exposed.

It is no surprise that this All-in-One Balm was a winner at The Beauty Shortlist Awards last year as it certainly exceeded my initial expectations. This little pot of joy has a lovely smooth texture which melts as soon as it hits the skin, giving a lovely moisturising layer which is non-greasy yet skin quenching. The glorious aroma of neroli and lavender essential oils lends itself as an overnight skin treat, as for me, it came into it’s own at bedtime. It makes for the perfect moisture mask for dry and irritated skin, an intensive hair mask which works while you sleep and is also perfect for dry cuticles. It soothed my irritated eczema almost immediately and stopped the itch, all while maintaining moisture levels to stop the skin from cracking or drying out. I can’t wait to continue to put this All-in-One Balm through it’s paces as it certainly delivers on its many promises.

o.Moi All-in-One Balm: £15.00/10ml – £57.00/50ml

Kathleen: Tranquil Fields Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

A clear bubble bath bottle stands on a white background next to a pink flower. The bottle has a black cap, with black writing.

Kathleen products have been on my wish list for a while now so I couldn’t wait to finally try this Bubble Bath and Shower Gel from the brand. Containing pure lavender alongside vanilla and frankincense essential oils, this has been the perfect bath time treat over the past week. As a bubble bath, it created beautiful long-lasting bubbles, made the bathroom smell heavenly and was incredibly relaxing. It also made my skin feel soft, smooth and not tight in any way. The positive experience I had with the bubble bath was certainly emulated  in its performance as a shower gel, as again my skin felt lovely and it had the same relaxing and unwinding qualities. It lathered well, left my skin feeling clean and fresh and maintained it’s beautiful fragrance on my skin. This has certainly encouraged me to try more from the brand, and I can’t wait to try out the other scents in their multipurpose bubble bath and shower gel.

Kathleen Bubble Bath and Shower Gel: £10.00/50ml – £18.00/150ml

Pure Thoughts: Serentity Pulse Point Roll-On

A thin dark brown bottle with rollerball applicator stands on a white background in front of a pink flower. The bottle has a brown label with black writing. The lid of the bottle is stood next to the bottle on the right.

Despite having no experience with the Pure Thoughts brand, I can safely say that this particular experience will not be the last. This pulse point roll-on contains essential oils of orange and geranium and is designed to balance your mind and soul for a more balanced you, as well as encourage calmness, peace and positivity. I have to say that I have been reaching for this ever since it arrived, and it has certainly helped throughout the day in stressful situations or even at bedtime when my mind just won’t switch off. It is such a beautiful scent that harnesses the powerful benefits of essential oils as this really does give serenity when you need it most and leaves your spirits truly uplifted and your mind clear.

Pure Thoughts Serenity Pulse Point Roll-On: £8.00/9ml

Bella Aura: Gentle Purifying Cleanser

A small silver and black tub stands on a white background in front of a pink flower. The tube has white writing and a green logo.

I was excited to see Canadian brand Bella Aura in this month’s box as their reputation for impressive skincare certainly speaks for itself. This 3-in-1 formula is designed to energise, purify and replenish, and with skin loving ingredients such as Prickly Pear Oil, Argan Oil and Neroli, this gentle cleanser certainly delivers on these promises.  This lightweight, milky cleanser, which foams slightly when applied to wet skin, certainly lives up to its name as it left my face feeling clean and fresh without any feeling of tightness. It maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels while ridding environmental effects from day to day living to reveal a brighter and softer complexion. On first use, I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed the scent of Bitter Orange, as I usually prefer a more zesty citrus scent in my skincare, however I have to say that the scent has grown on me. I can only imagine the effects this cleanser will have on skin on a long term basis as i’ve certainly enjoyed the results i’ve experienced so far.

Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleanser: $49.00/100ml

Bella Aura: Night Cellular Renewal

A black and silver tube stands on a white background in front of a pink flower. The tube has white writing with a pink logo.

This night cream from Bella Aura is the perfect companion to their Gentle Purifying Cleanser, as the similar Bitter Orange scent works perfect as part of an evening skincare routine. As a dry-skinned girl, I have used several overnight moisturisers yet this is very different to others i’ve used in the past. The innovative 7-in-1 formula, which is highly effective on mature, tried or stressed out skin, is vitamin rich and high in essential fatty acids to help restore your skin’s natural youth, provide moisture and promote cell regeneration. Where it’s difference lies is in the texture, which is milky and very light. It absorbs into the skin beautifully, giving just a fine veil of shine which dissipates within seconds to leave skin feeling instantly soft and silky-smooth. In the morning, my skin felt moisturised and didn’t have any patches of dryness or irritation. I’m sure that this would work wonders when used on a long term basis and I can see how Bella Aura gain their good reputation – as the results from their products certainly speak for themselves.

Bella Aura Night Cellular Renewal: $110.00/30ml

All six products stand in a line in front of a pink flower on a white background.

Once again, the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box has blown me away with the quality and range of products featured. For me, this box captures the very essence of why I love receiving a beauty box through my door each month, as it allows you try a wealth of products which you otherwise might not get to try due to price, availability (or an overflowing wishlist!). It is also great to be able to try products with the confidence that they are clean and cruelty free, and I can safely say that I have fell in love with the brands featured and can’t wait to see how these products perform over time – so watch this space for full reviews coming soon!

Do you love the look of the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box? Don’t forget to check out the subscription options here.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

3 thoughts on “Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box – September

  1. My favourite beauty box by a mile! Normally there are a few new to me brands inside which is great for me having tried so many. Absolutely love the, A.S.Apothecary (already a fav brand) and Bella Aura. I’ve known Pure Thoughts for years (their soaps are fab) and Kathleen is a fairly new brand to me also. Such a good box!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was brilliant, I enjoyed using everything! I hadn’t tried any of these brands before but I will be in the future. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer, i’ll certainly put Pure Thoughts soap on my wishlist if they’re good x


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