I am always on the quest for natural haircare products that are affordable and great quality, yet I have always struggled finding a natural dry shampoo that compared to the popular high-street brand I used to use. Thankfully, my quest is over as I have finally found the perfect product from one of my favourite ethical brands…

Eden Days Body are a 100% natural beauty brand, creating a range of products that are all cruelty-free,  vegan-friendly and handmade in the UK. Better yet, the brand are also dedicated to their impact on the environment, ensuring that their ingredients are ethically sourced and their products are free-from palm oil and packaged in plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

20190618_151419My experiences with Eden Days Body has only been positive since I discovered them last year and their natural body butters are now among my favourite body care items. Their range of affordable products have me browsing the site often, and when they launched their dry shampoo range, I was excited to say the least.


Deep Daizy is a dry shampoo designed for those with darker hair, instantly eradicating the talc-like white powder often associated with dry shampoo (don’t worry, there’s a dry shampoo for fair-hair too!). The powder is formulated with organic arrowroot, organic cacao, orange peel and organic redbush to soak up excess oils, naturally condition the hair, protect hair follicles from damage and promote hair and scalp health. The handy brush that is recommended to use alongside the dry shampoo is made from very soft, synthetic bristles with a handle made from wood and recycled aluminium. The densely packed brush picks up the powder easily and holds the dry shampoo on the brush until tapped out or brushed onto the hair.


The powder itself is very soft and finely milled making application very quick, easy and highly effective. It brushes onto the hair with ease and after working it in, it disappears and leaves hair looking and feeling soft, refreshed and full of bounce. Unlike conventional dry shampoos, it doesn’t leave white or chalky residue on the surface of the hair and instead lets hair move freely without any product weighing it down. It helps me get a day in between washes as I have a particularly oily roots, and is particularly useful on days when I wear my hair up and want a little more lift. I love how a little product goes a very long way, as the brush makes application so precise that there really isn’t any product wastage. The great news is that it also smells heavenly, with a rich chocolatey scent that smells great on application, then dissipates when rubbed into the hair. The overall performance of Deep Daizy Dry Shampoo is exceptional, as the amazing results, ease of application, eco-friendly packaging and affordable price makes this one of the best haircare products i’ve tried since changing to a natural hair care routine. If you’re looking for a product that will give you lift and extend your hair wash days, then Eden Days Body’s Dry Shampoo range is certainly worth a try.

Eden Days Body: Deep Daizy – £4.50 for the dry shampoo or £7.00 with the brush and dry shampoo.


Have you tried any products from Eden Days Body yet? Let me know in the comments below. Want to find out more? You can find all my previous reviews here.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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