When it comes to face masks, no beauty enthusiast would be without the weekly ritual that provides a truly pampering experience for the skin and the senses. They are an integral part of our beauty routine that offer a wealth of benefits for any skin type in just one application and is the easiest way to personalise your skincare based on what your skin needs per application.

Thanks to the lovely Sarah at Amaranthine, I’ve discovered two face masks* that promised to solve my skincare woes, as the Nourishing and Radiance Face Masks sounded like the perfect solutions to my dry skin type which is dull and prone to areas of sensitivity.

Amaranthine Masks and balm

After such an amazing experience with their Cleansing Balm (you can see my review here) , it is safe to say that I had high expectations on how these masks are going to perform and the travel sized pouches meant they were perfect to determine if these masks were right for me.

Amaranthine: Radiance Face Mask*

Amaranthine Radiance Mask plant

Amaranthine’s Radiance Face Mask contains an array of beautiful ingredients to rejuvenate, soften and brighten even the most dull and tired skin. Moroccan Lava Clay and Bentonite Clay detox the skin, drawing out impurities while helping to retain moisture and calm redness on the skin – skincare concerns which are also helped by the addition of Organic Aloe Vera. Mango Fruit Enzymes gives the mask its exfoliating properties, sloughing off dead skin cells to soften and smooth the skin. But where Amaranthine’s Radiance Face Mask differs from other brightening masks i’ve used in the past is that is also features Camu Camu, an Amazonian berry known to contain the highest amount of Vitamin C than any other fruit. As Vitamin C is an incredible anti-aging ingredient, and is notorious for it’s brightening properties, it is no surprise that this makes an appearance in this Radiance mask.

Amaranthine Radiance Mask Magnolia Flower

The mask itself has a beautiful fruity aroma thanks to the addition of Organic Mandarin Essential Oil and makes a change from the earthy clay masks I usually use within my skincare routine. The clay mask has a beautifully light and finely milled texture that certainly made the mixing process incredibly easy and hassle free. I decided to mix the mask with a little spring water rather than my usual floral waters to truly experience everything it has to offer. After 10 mins, I removed the mask and was impressed to see a glowing, and somewhat dewy, complexion with skin that felt incredibly smooth to the touch. I know from experience that some brightening masks aimed at dull complexions can cause some areas of irritation on my occasionally sensitive skin however i’m please to say that this was certainly not the case for Amaranthine’s Radiance Face Mask. The mask made my skin feel soft yet it was the instant change in its appearance that wowed me the most, as it had an instant brightening effect that lasted for a good few days. As far as first impressions go, this certainly made me want to see the long term effects on my skin and has already made it onto my wish list.

Amaranthine: Radiance Face Mask – £3.50/6.5g or £14.95/40g

Amaranthine: Nourishing Face Mask*

Amaranthine nourishing Mask plant

Amaranthine’s Nourishing Face Mask is formulated with dry skin in mind, with a wealth of skin loving ingredients to help alleviate the issues associated with drier skin types. Kaolin clay gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin while Morrocan Lava Clay moisturises and nourishes as it draws out impurities. Colloidal Oat and Organic Aloe Vera gives the mask it’s calming property, reducing redness and inflammation while keeping the skin hydrated for longer. The added moisturising ingredients including banana, coconut and rosehip also have wonderful anti-aging properties that makes this mask a truly nourishing experience.

Amaranthine Nourishing Mask Magnolia Flower

The mask has a lovely light, floral and slightly sweet scent thanks to Palmarosa essential oil that gives a delicate rose aroma. Again, much like the Radiance mask, the clay mask is finely milled so mixing the powder to a smooth consistency was so easy. On removal, my dry skin certainly felt moisturised and I didn’t experience any feeling of tightness in my skin. My complexion looked fresh but it was the actual feel of my skin where this mask performed its magic. My incredibly dry and flaky skin before masking was eradicated in an instant, moisturising my skin so it felt soft, smooth and hydrated. My cheeks which are prone to redness, were certainly calmed and my skincare absorbed much quicker into my skin after use. This face mask felt like it gave my skin the pampering experience it needed and was certainly a welcome addition in my weekly skincare routine. If your skin is in need of some deep nourishment with the added benefit of a detoxing mask then Amaranthine’s Nourishing Face Mask could just be the mask for you.

Amaranthine: Nourishing Face Mask – £3.50/6.5g or £14.95/40g


To say that Amaranthine’s skincare products have impressed me is an understatement as both these face masks have lived up to my high expectations. The trial-sized pouches are great for travel as well as determining which one if right for your skin type. Even though each pouch contains enough to make one face mask, I kept a little of each aside to multi-mask, so in fact got 3 uses out of two pouches.

Amaranthine is a brand I have fallen in love with, as their dedication to great skin and clean beauty, as well as their passion for animal welfare and the environment, is one to be admired. With an array of products for all skin types and affordable products that are high quality demonstrates that there are really no excuses to go green when it comes to your beauty routine.

Did you want to find out more about Amaranthine and their products? You can find my previous review here or alternatively, head over to their website.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Amaranthine. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such.


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