Pure Purpose is a brand that never fails to impress thanks to their high quality, plant-based ingredients that go into their natural, cruelty-free, vegan friendly products.

It is no surprise that their beautiful range is award-winning, as their passion for healthy skin is realised in their products that harness the power of plants, herbs and botanical extracts to create hand-blended items in small batches to ensure the freshest products are incorporated easily into your skincare routine.


Their range is designed for everyone, regardless of age or gender, so that the masses can get the skin they truly deserve. The brand are also promoting a zero-waste reward scheme where you can send your undamaged bottles and jars back to Pure Purpose for a discount on your next order – and they will re-use the packaging in their next batch of formulations.

With such great credentials, you can imagine my delight when Magdalena asked if i’d like to try some of their products, especially when i’d already had such a good experience with their some of their products in the past.

Hazelnut Oil


I first discovered Hazelnut Oil within my beauty routine around a year ago and thanks to its multitasking abilities, it has stayed within my regime ever since. My experience with Pure Purpose’s Hazelnut Oil has been very different the oils i’ve used previously as the texture is much richer and the scent more intense. The unrefined, cold-pressed oil is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins which makes Hazelnut Oil an effective moisturiser that prevents skin from drying out by protecting the skin’s barrier to prevent water loss. Thanks to the presence of tannin’s within the oil, it also adopts astringent properties therefore is excellent at balancing oily skin, aiding cleansing and helping to reduce pore size and bacteria. But Hazelnut Oil’s accolades don’t stop there as it is also an incredibly effective hair care product, smoothing unruly tresses, restoring shine and nourishing dry hair – while also improving the appearance of split ends.

20191001_144509.jpg The aroma of Pure Purpose’s Hazelnut Oil certainly harnesses the true aroma of the nut itself, giving an intense nutty fragrance that shows just how concentrated the oil truly is. The texture is rich and relatively thick yet absorbs easily and feels lightweight on the skin. When utilised in my skincare routine, my skin is left feeling moisturised and looks less dry and flaky. I find it works better for my skin when applied directly but I love how you can also add it to your existing skincare products as a nourishing booster. When utilised in my hair care routine, less is certainly more making this oil incredible value for money. As I have very thick hair, I find oils are a great way to nourish dry ends and improve the shine that is often lacking. My hair is certainly more manageable after use and even though it promotes shine, it doesn’t make my hair feels greasy or heavy at all.

Hazelnut Oil – £13.50/30ml

Green Tea Balm

Another amazing multitasker from Pure Purpose is the lovely Green Tea Balm, a healing skin balm that not only nourishes and balances problematic skin but can also be used as a facial moisturiser, dry skin saviour, cuticle treatment, cleanser, make-up remover, lip balm, healing treatment and even a breakout balm.

Formulated with beautiful ingredients such as mango butter, black cumin oil, kokum butter and lemongrass oil, the balm really does capture the best of the natural world to heal, soothe, moisturise and cleanse all skin types.


The balm has the most beautiful silky, smooth texture that applies to the skin with ease. It is richer than many other balms I incorporate in my beauty routine yet it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin.I find a little product goes a very long way, smoothing the skin while calming any irritation without too much residue in its wake. As a cleansing balm, I felt like I could give my skin an invigorating massage without it melting away as it holds its consistency fairly well. My face certainly felt soft, smooth and fresh after use, and when utilised as a balm on dry patches, all flakiness is gone in an instant. For me, my favourite way of utilising Green Tea Balm is as a foot balm, as it intensely nourishes dry, cracked heels for feet that are super soft – especially when used overnight with socks.

What I love is the lovely light, lemongrass aroma that is perfectly balanced with the natural scent of the oils and butters coming through as you apply it to the skin. It really is a great addition to any beauty routine and is the perfect companion, whatever your skin type.

Pure Purpose: Green Tea Balm – £20.00/60ml

Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream


Pure Purpose’s Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream is actually my everyday deodorant so seeing a sample of this (pictured right) made me very happy indeed. What I love most about Lemon Breeze is the effectiveness, as the shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, coconut oil, vitamin e and lemon essential oil formulation certainly keeps me smelling fresh all day, even during the Summer months! Unlike many other natural deodorants i’ve used in the past, the texture is soft, light and almost whipped in its consistency for easy application. The lemon fresh aroma is refreshing on the senses too and really lasts all day long.

The best news is that Pure Purpose’s Lemon Breeze keeps underarms soft and doesn’t dry them out or irritate. I’ve had up’s and down’s with sodium bicarbonate deodorants yet for me, Lemon Breeze is one of the best!

Pure Purpose: Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream – £9.50/60ml 

Tea Tree and Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub


As someone with a dry skin type, body scrubs are an integral part of my bodycare routine. After previously experiencing Pure Purpose’s Turmeric and Orange Body Scrub last year I couldn’t wait to see if the Tea Tree & Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub lived up to my expectations.

Despite the incredible benefits of coffee scrubs, I do have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with many of them as I find them too course in texture and a little too messy. Thankfully, i’m pleased to say that Pure Purpose’s coffee scrubs have a lovely fine texture so seem to wash away easier than others i’ve used in the past – and the beautiful minty aroma certainly made this a pleasure to use.

The tea-tree and peppermint scrub is formulated with dry skin types in mind, deeply moisturising, firming and refreshing the skin and senses. Containing a blend of coffee seed powder, sugar, sea salt, sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin e and grapeseed oil, as well as tea tree and peppermint essential oils, gives the scrub its nourishing and moisturising benefits that also help to tackle cellulite, remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and prevent clogged pores.


The scent is lovely, with an intense minty freshness and subtle coffee aroma that makes your skin smell incredible after use. The fine, loose texture of the scrub means that you can rub it into the skin with ease and even though it is slightly more messy than salt or sugar scrubs, the remnants in the bath or shower wash away with ease keeping clean-up time to an absolute minimum.

My skin has certainly been loving this scrub and is completely flake-free for several days after use. It leaves my skin looking and feeling intensely nourished and allows my bodycare products to absorb much easier than before.

Pure Purpose: Tea Tree and Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub – £12.00 – £24.00 (55g/110g/220g)

Lava Wrap Face Mask


I, like any beauty enthusiast, love a good face mask to complete a weekly skincare ritual. I have already tried the brand’s Hemp Masque in the past and was impressed by its effect on my dry skin – so I was certainly looking forward to see how Lava Wrap compared.

The detox mask provides a deep cleanse while nourishing and rejuvenating the skin thanks to the skin loving ingredients of maple syrup and volcanic ash that hydrates, reduces inflammation, neutralises free radicals and unclogs pores. The mask has a very unique texture with a slightly sticky consistency that spreads across the skin with ease, holding well so you can do other things while treating your skin, and it washes off well with a damp cloth.

The versatile Lava Wrap can also be used as a scrub and skin cleanser too, and although I didn’t utilise the sample in this way, my skin certainly reaped the exfoliating benefits of the mask and felt very fresh after use.

I must say that I absolutely loved the feel of my skin after masking as it felt beautifully soft and flake free. My complexion was left looking clear and bright and the results lasted for several days.

The only negative about Lave Wrap is that I personally didn’t love the scent as it has an unusual earthy aroma that wasn’t my favourite. However, I have to say that the scent became a trivial matter as I was so impressed by the difference it made to my skin that it is definitely on my repurchase list.

Pure Purpose: Lava Wrap Face Mask – £24.00/60ml

Plum Oil


I have to say that i’ve never utilised Plum Oil in my routine before yet after my recent experience, I feel this will become an integral part of my beauty regime. The cold-pressed, unrefined Plum Oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to reduce the signs of aging, deeply moisturise and aid healing and hydration. Much like Hazelnut Oil, Plum Oil not only works wonders on the skin but is also a haircare hero, helping to prevent split ends as well as stimulating and nourishing hair follicles when massaged on the scalp.

The oil itself performs much like a richer, thicker oil as it’s intensely moisturising yet absorbs beautifully and leaves skin feeling deeply hydrated and silky smooth to the touch. I must say that my dry skin type has been loving Plum Oil more than its nutty sibling, and has even been giving my clay masks a moisturising boost. My dry hands have also experienced the benefits as it makes for a gorgeous, pampering hand treatment and is also great to use on any dry patches on the body as an alternative to balms.


The intense, deep, plum scent, with a marzipan twist, is stunning and makes for a luxurious treat on both the skin and senses. If you’re looking for a nourishing oil for normal to dry skin types, then Plum Oil would make a great addition to your beauty routine. I cannot wait to use this over a longer period of time to see just how good this is – but first impressions have certainly been great so far.

Pure Purpose: Plum Oil – £17.00/30ml

Re-Animating Face Oil


Pure Purpose’s Re-Animating Face Oil in an incredibly lightweight oil that absorbs quickly to keep skin hydrated and leaves the complexion glowing.

A blend of beautiful ingredients such as rosehip, squalene, grapeseed oil, Calendula CO2 extract and yarrow oil balances oil production, encourages healthy skin cell production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The scent is very delicate and fresh, leaving behind virtually no scent when applied to the face. It leaves skin feeling nicely moisturised and non-greasy – so first impressions are certainly very good!

Pure Purpose: Re-Antimating Face Oil – £22.00/30ml


My experience with Pure Purpose’s products has been incredible and has certainly added to my existing love for the brand. The no-nonsense approach to skincare, and the products in their extensive range, is impressive and certainly makes the brand incredibly dependable when it comes to great skin.

Have you tried Pure Purpose yet?

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Pure Purpose. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such.


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  1. I’d live to try out some of these products myself, I’m always the hunt for new organic skincare items and always love looking through blog posts for inspiration Xx great post 😉


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