There are some beauty brands that leave a lasting impression from the first time you encounter them and this was certainly the case when I met Casa Mencarelli’s products for the very first time back in 2018.

Casa Mencarelli are a British Indie brand inspired by the beautiful, vibrant ingredients of Italy that makes the brand stand out in a crowd. The passion for natural and organic skincare is realised in the products themselves that harness the true power of nature to nurture the skin as well as the soul. Through each element of the brand’s stunning skincare range is a journey throughout the very country that is at the heart of the brand and is a true celebration of great skin as well as the Italian ingredients that inspired each product.


The products within the Casa Mencarelli range make up a capsule collection of skin loving delights to cater for all your skincare needs from the detoxifying Sicilia Green Clay & Lemon Face Mask and Scrub to the nourishing Bellissima Balm – and everything in between – you’ll be sure to get a glowing complexion in no time! The best news is that many of the products are multitasking so they integrate within your skincare routine with ease, demonstrating that less really does mean more.


Casa Mencarelli offer a very sensory experience with their products, from the lovely bright, Italian-inspired packaging, intense yet perfectly balanced aromas and the vibrant hue of each product – there really is something very special about the Casa Mencarelli experience.


I’ve been trying out miniature versions of their products recently, which come beautifully packaged in this small white box with bright tissue paper, and have been continually impressed by the versatility and overall product performance. Some of these gorgeous products have already featured on my blog in the past yet some of them were a brand new experience for me and I cannot wait to share my reviews with you…

Sicilia: Green Clay and Lemon Face Mask and Scrub

This is the product that really made me take notice of Casa Mencarelli and is the one which i’ve used the most since discovering the brand for the first time.


We all know there is nothing better than that weekly masking ritual that gives our skin a good detox ready for the week ahead yet Sicilia goes beyond a simple clay mask thanks to its skin loving ingredients that cleanses, gently exfoliates, brightens and soothes the skin.


The powdered formulation, containing Sicilian Green Clay, Lemon Peel Powder and Tapioca Starch, can be tailored to your own skincare needs, providing additional benefits depending on your skin type. You can read my full review here for more information about my masking experience but what I will say is that Sicilia works its magic on every use and eradicates my dull complexion and dry skin concerns in an instant – which has been perfect for this time of year.

Casa Mencarelli: Sicilia – £8.00/12g or £26.00/80g

Acqua Di Miele: Honey and Orange Toner

When it came to trying the Casa Mencarelli range, Acqua Di Miele was one of the products I was most excited about as hydosols play such a big part in my skincare routine from toning and mixing masks to refreshing my skin throughout the day – they are vital to a great skincare ritual.


The beautiful Honey and Orange Toner is formulated with mature, sensitive and acne prone skin in mind yet worked wonders on my dry skin too thanks to the moisturising, soothing honey and gently exfoliating orange blossom water that helps to reduce the appearance of pores and leave skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalised.


The scent is incredible with a bold orange blossom aroma that has a subtle undertone of honey, evoking memories of Summertime. I didn’t experience any irritation thanks to the similar PH balance of our own skin and my face was left feeling hydrated and looking glowing in it’s appearance.

Casa Mencarelli: Acqua Di Miele – £8.00/15ml or £31.00/100ml 

Crema Di Pomodoro: Nourishing Tomato Night Cream and Cleanser

There’s nothing I love more than a multi-tasker and I have to say that Crema Di Pomodoro is one of the best i’ve tried thanks to its nourishing formula that keeps my dry skin very happy indeed.


The beautifully rich night cream/cleanser has a lovely balm-like consistency that applies to the skin with ease, with the concentrated formulation going a very long way. The dual-purpose Crema Di Pomodoro contains all the essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, carotenes, lycopene’s and phytosterols the skin needs to maintain a healthy glow and bright complexion.


As a cleansing balm, Crema Di Pomodoro really pampers the skin, eradicating all traces of make-up, SPF, dirt and grime in one application, leaving skin silky smooth immediately after use. As a night cream, the nourishing formulation lived up to expectations with a non-greasy finish that left my skin flake-free, moisturised and positively glowing after a good nights sleep. You can read a little more about my first impressions here but if you’re looking for a multitasker that delivers then look no further than Casa Mencarelli’s Crema Di Pomodoro.

Casa Mencarelli: Crema Di Pomodoro – £15.00/15ml or £45.00/60ml

Sole E Mare: Sea Buckthorn Serum

When it comes to Winter skincare, I am always on the look out for an oil-based serum that can provide that extra layer of nourishment that my skin craves as the weather gets colder and the central heating is turned up. Thankfully, as soon as I tried Sole E Mare, I knew that it was very special indeed.


The golden hue of this stunning Sea Buckthorn Serum is just as nature intended with a combination of beautiful skin loving ingredients that make this perfect for all skin types and age ranges. Sea Buckthorn is joined by sunflower oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, pomegranate oil, Vitamin E and Eco Marine Algae Extract to create a serum that has a rich consistency, is highly absorbent and harnesses the natural aroma of the ingredients themselves.


Sole E Mare is an antioxidant rich serum that helps to repair the skin, hydrate, boost elasticity and increase collagen production. As well as this, it is also a great skin softener and instantly gives you a brighter complexion and dewy appearance. I personally love how this Sea Buckthorn Serum has aided my winter skin when used in conjunction with balms and face creams yet I can also see this being an amazing addition to my Summer routine as a stand-alone moisturiser. Sole E Mare is a true skin saviour that leaves skin more radiant feeling softer and smoother in the process and would make a great addition to any skincare routine.

Casa Mencarelli: Sole E Mare – £18.00/15ml, £32.00/30ml or £65.00/100ml

Bellissima Balm: Sea Buckthorn Balm

Last, but by no means least, is the glorious Bellissima Balm by Casa Mencarelli that I would say is possibly my favourite product from the whole range. The silky-smooth balm contains a wealth of nourishing ingredients including almond oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn and beeswax to smooth dry patches, help repair damaged skin and maintain a healthy-looking complexion.


The glorious balm is like sunshine in a jar, with a fruity aroma which has a slightly earthy quality that really treats the senses as well as the skin. The balm has a unique texture that is buttery, melting into the skin to leave behind a subtle, radiant sheen that gives skin a delicate dewy appearance.


My skin instantly felt smoother and softer after use, with all areas of dryness eradicated in an instant. Bellissima Balm soothed any areas of redness and irritation, especially around my nose, and has certainly protected my skin from the elements and environmental factors – especially on early morning dog walks! I also love to use this stunning balm on the high points of my face on make-up free days, as it gives a subtle highlight that really gives my skin a healthy glow (and keeps it flake-free all day long).


If you’re looking for a balm that provides an intense level of moisturisation and leaves skin looking bright yet not greasy then I believe Bellissima Balm is certainly the product for you. My skin instantly felt better after use as I felt that it was actually aiding my skin as opposed to just acting like a barrier – it achieves great skin after every use.

Casa Mencarelli: Bellissima Balm – £15.00/15ml or £45.00/60ml


To say i’ve been impressed by the quality of Casa Mencarelli’s skincare range feels like a major understatement as the brand continually deliver amazing results from their innovative products. The Italian-inspired range brings sunshine into my routine, even on those dreary rainy days, and brings my skin to life in an instant. The brand offer an experience more than just skincare, and everything i’ve tried is a true delight. If you haven’t tried Casa Mencarelli yet then you’re seriously missing out – a range that caters for all your skincare needs 365 days a year.


Check out my previous Casa Mencarelli reviews here or check out their website for more information.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: Some of the products featured in this review were sent to me free of charge by Casa Mencarelli. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such.


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