As a big cleansing fan, the face cloth you use can certainly make or break your cleansing routine. You can definitely boost the performance of your products and achieve a very different experience depending on which style cloth you use.


I recently discovered Ellyfante’s cloths in the Meadow Skincare Starter Kit and was amazed at just how soft the cloths were and how different they are to anything i’d used previously. Before I had chance to purchase more, I won a Premium Pack of 6 Bamboo Flannels in an Instagram giveaway run by the lovely Petra over at Late to the Party (if you’re not following Petra’s blog, you are really missing out!).

The Premium Pack contains six of the brand’s super-soft bamboo flannels, which are all individually tied with white ribbon, wrapped beautifully in tissue paper and sealed with a paper sticker of the Ellyfante logo. The Premium Pack comes housed in a lovely white, rigid box with magnetic closure and Ellyfante branding to the top. This is just one of the purchase options available, as the bamboo flannels also come in a range of pack sizes, gift options and ecopacks which are housed in carbon neutral, eco-friendly packaging made from sugarcane, which is fully recyclable.


The bamboo flannels themselves are incredibly soft, thanks to the warp knitted terry fabric that are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, ensuring that they are free from any harmful chemicals. These flannels are a far cry from those your Mum washed your face with as a child as the 100% organic bamboo fibres are smooth on the skin, more absorbent than regular cotton, are naturally antibacterial and are ideal for sensitive, eczema prone skin as well as infants.  Where the cloths also vary from many face cloths i’ve used in the past is the size which is larger than usual at 34cm x 30cm, making it large enough to remove all dirt and make-up from the face, even with a second cleanse, as well for use on the body too.


As well as boasting a product range from bamboo flannels, muslin squares and wash mitts to hooded baby towels and blankets, Ellyfante also stock UV Ray monitoring cards that helps determine which level of sunscreen you need to use on a daily basis – even if it’s a cloudy day – so you know you’re always protected. These were a great addition to the Premium Pack I received and as they come as a card and keyring, you will always have one at hand.


If you’re looking to upgrade your face cloths for something which is a super-soft treat for the skin and is more eco-friendly than traditional cotton flannels and muslin cloths, then I cannot recommend Ellyfante enough. They have truly changed my skincare routine for the better and would also make the perfect gift for that someone special.

Ellyfante: Premium Pack of 6 Bamboo Flannels – £15.00 (other options available)

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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