SoapNSkin had been a brand on my wish list for a while so when they launched their Discovery Set on Blomma Beauty, it was the perfect time to try a selection of their products.

SoapNSkin is a true celebration of British skincare, combining sustainably sourced ingredients from independent suppliers with age-old rituals to provide a complete sensory experience that showcases the passion the brand have for alchemy; something which both founders have learnt from previous generations. Each SoapNSkin product is cruelty-free and formulated in micro-batches to ensure freshness and quality in each item, as well as harnessing the true power of the natural world around us to change our perception of what beauty really is.


The Discovery Set is a beautiful collection four miniature products, all contained in a lovely, generously sized, cotton make-up bag which features the SoapNSkin branding as well as a motivational quote. The bag contains their Argan and Orange Blossom Elixir (10ml), Skin Cashmere Face and Body Mask (20g), Skin Soak Rose and Sandalwood Bath Salts (35g) and Skin Deep Body Butter Lavender and Lime (30ml). The collection allows you to try a complete body care ritual, or a way of trying out the items singularly in your existing skincare routine. Not only is this a great way to sample some of the SoapNSkin family but it would make the perfect gift for that special someone too.

Skin Deep Body Butter: Lavender and Lime

I am a huge fan of body butters so I was very excited to try this one, especially as the scent sounded heavenly. The butter is a blend of beautiful ingredients including shea, cocoa and mango butters, alongside lavender, lime and sweet almond oils to give skin a deeply nourishing and firming treat . The scent is a delight for the senses, with a relaxing yet also refreshing fragrance that begins with zesty lime and releases the calming, floral aroma of lavender as you begin to work it into the skin.


What I love most about this body butter is the soft texture that has a true butter-like consistency as it melts into the skin. The body butter applies easily, absorbs beautifully and leaves my dry skin deeply moisturised throughout the day. This is certainly a keeper, with a full-sized version already on my wishlist (along with their other scents too!).
Elixir: Argan and Orange Blossom

If you’ve been following me for while you’ll know how much I love a multipurpose product and SoapNSkin’s Elixir certainly meets the criteria. Elixir contains some beautiful skin loving oils from Moroccan argan Oil to orange blossom, mandarin and bergamot. The result is a stunning, lightweight formulation which is full of antioxidants to leave hair and skin healthy, radiant and deeply nourished. The initial aroma is heady with orange blossom, wearing off over time to reveal a light citrus scent with a very slight nutty, earthy scent of argan.


The Elixir can be used as a body, face and hair oil, and despite it’s intensely moisturising properties, it doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy residue. On the body, it eradicates dry patches in an instant, leaving behind softer and smoother skin in its wake. On the face, it equally leaves skin feeling nourished, yet it integrates seamlessly with other skincare products and offers a treat for the senses as well as the skin which many other multi-purpose products lack. Finally, it is the perfect hair smoothing elixir to combat flyaways and leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy but not greasy at all. It is good to remember that even though it doesn’t have an overly rich texture, a little oil goes a very long way so use it sparingly to achieve incredible results.
Skin Soak Himalyan Salts: Rose and Sandalwood

I absolutely love bath salts as for me, they are my go-to bath time treat so I was excited to see them in the SoapNSkin Discovery Set. I was initially concerned as Sandalwood isn’t necessarily my favourite scent but I was pleasantly surprised when I used them for the first time.


The salts themselves are like coloured jewels going into the bath water and despite the varied size of the salts themselves, they dissolved easily and I wasn’t left with a gritty tub. I really didn’t need to worry myself about the scent as the rose and sandalwood aroma combination is lovely as the woody, rich sandalwood just tones down the sweet rose aroma to leave a perfectly balanced blend that makes bath time a truly decadent experience.

The restorative and soothing bath salts made my skin feel soft and supple while my mind was clear and uplifted. They were a change from my usual bath salt scent but one which I would happily use again – and probably will – as well as trying a few of their other scent combinations.
Skin Cashmere: Face and Body Mask

I do love a face mask so was very intrigued by the notion of the face and body mask. I always use excess masks on my neck and chest, as well as my hands, if I make too much, but I have never used a mask specifically for face and body – so this was a first for me!

Skin Cashmere contains some beautiful powdered ingredients including turmeric, rose petals, yogurt, sandalwood and chickpea to exfoliate, protect against free radicals, heal the skin and leave you with a glowing complexion. The mask itself has a surprising freshness to it and is a pleasure to mix thanks to its lovely fine texture that mixes well with your favourite hydrosol (or honey, yogurt, face oil etc if you prefer).


I personally mixed Skin Cashmere with rose water and even though the mask dried out, it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight at all and it rinsed off my skin easily despite containing turmeric (which can sometimes be a little stubborn to remove!). For me, Skin Cashmere is the ultimate skin pampering experience as there is something quite decadent and luxurious about a body mask, but I enjoyed the way it took my shower to the same pampering level as my bath time and left my skin looking and feeling softer, smoother and brighter in its appearance. It allowed my body care to perform much better and as it’s a powdered mask, you can really tailor it to what your skin needs each time you use it – making it a great product for all!

SoapNSkin: Discovery Set – £40.00


My first experience of SoapNSkin has been incredible, with a range of products that not only look the part, but also perform beyond my initial expectations. Each product i’ve tried goes further than a simple skincare product by marrying the best of British ingredients with age-old skincare rituals to provide the very best nature has to offer. The experience is one which I cannot wait to replicate with more products from their stunning range of skincare goodness as each product is very special indeed.


Check out SoapNSkin’s Discovery set, as well as some other amazing products from their range over at Blomma Beauty. You can also get 15% off your first order* with the code BEAUTYFOLIO15.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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