I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the best way to stop the spread of germs is through washing your hands regularly and during the current climate, hand washing is proving the very best defense against Covid-19.


I’m a huge fan of handmade soap bars as not only are they nourishing and gentle on the skin but they are also great for the environment too. They are by far the easiest and most effective plastic-free swap i’ve found to date and are proving vital during these unprecedented times.


Thankfully, to top up my decreasing soap supply, one of my favourite brands have finally launched a new handmade, cold pressed soap.

Nudge Boutique have released their Lavender and Tea Tree Hand Soap this week, selling some stock online as well as donating bars to care homes, charities and NHS staff who are battling Coronavirus on the front lines. As well as this, Nudge Boutique are also offering a ‘Buy One, Donate One’ offer on their website making it incredibly easy to help those who need it most. It is great to see a brand helping where they can as it is these small gestures that make the biggest impact – especially when it can really help saves lives.


The soap itself is handmade using a traditional cold-pressed method and contains 100% natural ingredients. The soap is formulated with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil, and fragranced with lavender and tea tree essential oils which are naturally anti-bacterial. The formulation is especially designed with hardworking hands in mind, making it incredibly effective at removing all traces of dirt, grime and bacteria, while also maintaining the skin’s natural moisture levels to keep them soft and moisturised. The brand’s mission to be as plastic-free as possible is apparent in the soap packaging which boasts paper labelling and compostable greaseproof paper wrap and seal, which is all applied by hand to maintain a high standard and hands on approach.


The bar has a fresh aroma, with the slightly medicinal tea-tree scent complemented with lavender to leave skin smelling of a perfectly balanced, light fragrance that wears off after a short space of time. The bar creates a lovely, gentle lather which coats the skin well and rinses off with ease to leave hands feeling (literally) squeaky clean – yet not dry or tight at all. Even though my hands have been a little on the dry side of late, with a few areas of healing eczema, this soap hasn’t irritated my hands at all and has actually left them feeling soothed and incredibly soft after use.


This bar is now residing in the kitchen to continue the battle of Covid-19, as well the usual cleansing of dirt from the skin. I’ll certainly keep you posted on how the soap performs over a longer period of time but after using this for a few days now, it is safe to say that first impressions are extremely positive so far.

Nudge Boutique: Lavender and Tea-tree Soap – £5.00/bar (minimum weight 95g)


To try Nudge Boutique’s Soap out for yourself, check out their website, where you’ll also find details on their reduced postal service and free local delivery within 5 miles of their lab. If you’d like to know more about the brand and their products, you can also find all my previous reviews here (and don’t forget that you can get free UK delivery on all orders over £15).

Take Care (and stay safe),

Emma @ Beauty Folio x





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