|Gifted|The new Nordic Roots range from Green People brings together the basic principles of Green People as a brand, with nature and science in balance, sensitive skin expertise and organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients alongside Nordic actives and a pure, clean and functional approach to skincare inspired by the founders’ Danish heritage.

If you seen my previous review of the Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum, you’ll recognise just how innovative the range is in both ingredients, packaging and products that enhance your skincare routine for the better. My skin fell in love with the Hyaluronic Booster Serum after utilising in my everyday routine for 6 weeks, and the Cranberry Micellar Foam has performed equally well.

Green People’s Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam is a PH-balanced, scent-free, unisex cleanser which combines organic, plant-based ingredients with make-up dissolving micelles to leave even the most sensitive skin types clean, calm and ‘comfortable’.

Now I am not usually a fan of foaming cleansers or micellar waters, as I just find them drying and ineffective on the skin yet I have to say that the Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam was a very different experience, and a product that I would certainly keep in my routine.

The Cranberry Micellar Foam contains some stunning ingredients including cranberry extract, apple cellular complex and glycerine to fight free radicals, boost elasticity, target fine lines, hydrate and protect the skin from moisture loss. The foam itself really is scent-free and doesn’t feel drying on the skin with you apply. The pump dispenses around half of the amount you need for a full cleanse, so two pumps is definitely required, but if you are using this to remove make-up, you would need to use double the amount.

In my AM cleansing routine, this was a lightweight addition that performed much like a facial wash as it rinses with ease from the skin. My face was left feeling soft to the touch, with no feelings of dryness of tightening, just a clean and fresh complexion. In my PM routine, I loved it as a second cleanse as it leaves you skin feeling so fresh and ready for the rest of your skincare. For me personally, I didn’t find it as effective as i’d hoped for a first cleanse in the evening, as I don’t feel micellar products remove make-up or SPF quite as well as a balm or oil cleanser, but that is my own personal preference.

I would certainly keep Green People’s Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Cleanser in my AM routine for the foreseeable future, as it left my skin feeling revived, hydrated and ready for the day ahead. It integrates so easily into my skincare routine and hasn’t caused any irritation or redness on my skin. It is also lasting a really good amount of time, as I’ve been using this in my morning routine for just over 6 weeks now and still have a little product remaining making it exceptional value for money.

Green People: Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam – £19.00/150ml

Have you tried the Cranberry Micellar Foam or any other products from the Nordic Roots range yet? You can find all my previous Nordic Roots reviews here if you fancy a read.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Green People. For more details on gifted products, please check out the disclaimer section on my website which can be found here.

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