When it comes to giving my hands a little self-care, Tam Mason’s Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrubs are my go-to product since I discovered them a few months ago, as not only are they gently exfoliating but also incredibly nourishing too…

I fell in love with the Rose & Patchouli Nourishing Sugar Scrub after first use, with its beautiful sweet and slightly musky aroma that really added to the pampering, exfoliating application. I knew after this particular experience that I wanted to try more of the 10 blends available in the range, and their new limited edition Christmas Gift Set is perfect for sampling the whole collection as well as experiencing the brand for the very first time.

The Handpicked Selection Box, which recently featured in my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide, is a beautifully boxed gift set which features 4 x 25g jars of nourishing sugar scrubs, birch wood spoon and information card about each blend and usage instructions. The gift set comes in the brand’s signature blue box and wrapped in tissue paper with a festive ribbon.What I love most about this particular gift set is the fact that you can choose any blends from the whole range, making a personalised, bespoke gift for the lucky recipient based on their scent preferences or skin type.

All the scrubs in Tam Mason’s range contain the same beautiful base of organic sugar, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E to exfoliate and feed the skin, intensely moisturising and eradicating the need for additional hand creams after use. The blends available can really personalise the experience, not only providing a treat for the senses but also allowing your skin to reap the benefits of each essential oil.

I selected a range of different blends from citrus fresh to floral, to really explore the collection and essential oil combinations. There really is something for everyone so it is never difficult to find something to suits a particular scent preference, gender or age.

Tam Mason: Grapefruit & Ginger Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrub

I am a huge fan of citrus scents so I was excited to try this blend of grapefruit and ginger. From the jar, the scrub has an uplifting and fresh aroma that is energising and refreshing. As you begin to use the scrub and rub it into your hands, the warmth of ginger begins to come through which works in harmony with the grapefruit to give an Earthy, citrus-rich fragrance. After use, the skin has the most beautiful refreshing citrus aroma that gently wears away from the skin after use.

Grapefruit & Ginger: Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrub – £15.00/150g (when sold separately in full size)

Tam Mason: Lavender Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrub

Lavender, known for it’s relaxing properties, also has a wealth of skincare benefits too such as balancing and calming all skin types with it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The mild lavender essential oil blend has a lovely and light lavender aroma that isn’t overpowering in any way. The scent from the jar remains the same on the skin, providing a lovely calming quality that is perfect when pampering your hands before bedtime. What I love most is the very subtle scent that remains on the skin, making it an absolute pleasure to use.

Lavender Nourishing Hand Scrub – £15.00/150g (when sold separately in full-size)

Tam Mason: Sandalwood & Green Mandarin Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrub

Sandalwood is certainly an underrated ingredient when it comes to skincare benefits as it’s not only great for re-hydrating dry skin but is also incredibly soothing, balancing and great for toning the skin. It has a lovely Earthy, woody aroma that blends beautifully with the green mandarin, allowing the mandarin freshness to shine though without being too sweet. If you are a person that doesn’t like lingering aromas this might be the one for you, as the beautiful blend offers an uplifting experience as you exfoliate your hands yet leaves an incredibly delicate aroma on the skin which dissipates much quicker than others i’ve tried.

Sandalwood & Green Mandarin – £15.00/150g (when sold separately in full-size)

Tam Mason: Frankincense & Ylang Ylang Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrub

Out of all the Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrubs i’ve used from Tam Mason, I would say that I find this one the most intense in scent, with a calming aroma that is perfectly balanced with woody, frankincense that lingers in the background, ensuring that the sweet ylang ylang doesn’t overpower in any way. In a similar way to the lavender scrub, this one is also perfect to use in your evening or bedtime routine thanks to the calming ylang ylang aroma but as the addition of frankincense also helps boost circulation, it would also be great if you’ve been gardening, playing sports or spending a lot of time typing. The scent remains on the skin for a while after use, dissipating slowly for an experience that lasts.

Frankincense & Ylang Ylang – £15.00/150g (when sold separately in full-size)

It is safe to say that this handpicked selection box from Tam Mason makes a wonderful stocking filler this Christmas, especially as the constant hand washing and use of alcohol sanitisers has taken it’s toll on our hands. I love the fact that this is a gift for all, regardless of age, gender or skin type and as it comes so beautifully packaged, really takes the hassle out of gifting this Christmas.

Tam Mason: A Handpicked Selection Box – £15.00

Have you tried Tam Mason’s Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrubs yet? Check out my previous posts here to find out a little more about the brand and my favourite sugar scrub blends.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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