When it comes to natural beauty and lifestyle boxes, The Natural Wellness Box never fails to deliver a bumper box of goodies bi-monthly that not only introduce me to a range of new-to-me brands and products, but also help me rediscover some old favourites too…

When The Natural Wellness Box revealed some of January’s Renew Collection across their socials, I knew that I needed it in my life. The Renew Collection was the perfect addition for the New Year and with 9 full-sized products in total, it was incredible value for money. I always love the attention to detail that The Natural Wellness Box demonstrates, thinking about January as a fresh start with products to not only aid a wealth of beauty concerns and your impact upon the environment (hello there plastic-free goodies) but also improve your health from the inside out – and even help with ‘dry January.’

Lifestyle, Snacks and More…

Talking of ‘Dry January’, the first item I spotted in my box was the beautifully packaged and plastic-free Pentire Seaward Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit which is created from 100% natural botanicals from the Cornish coast.

I personally don’t drink, so this was a great find for me, with a freshness from grapefruit and hints of green flavour from seaweed that stops the non-alcoholic spirit from being too zesty. It is perfectly balanced in flavour and is a refreshing, crisp drink that is a fantastic alternative to alcoholic beverages. The ingredients within the blend also boast a wealth of health benefits, which is great to hear, but as a drink on taste alone – it’s a winner.

Staying with the beverage theme, January’s box also contained In Bloom Drops’ Discovery Selection, a variety of natural botanical disillate sachets that have great beauty, health and wellness benefits (depending on the flavour you select).

The sachets can be added to a drink of your choice (such as Pentire’s Seaward Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit), as well filtered water, to enhance your beverage of choice. I personally struggle to hydrate as much in the Winter as the Summer months, so these make water a little more palatable and help to keep my body hydrated throughout the day.

Bridging the gap between drinks and snacks is one of the most versatile products in the Renew Collection, with One Earth Organics’ Chocolate Dream. This is a healthier alternative to the hot chocolate we all know and love thanks to nutrient-rich blend of vitamins and minerals and a powder that contains no sugar or sweeteners.

But One Earth Organics go beyond a simple drink as while this can also be used in smoothies and hot chocolate it has a multitude of others uses such as adding a chocolately twist to your morning yogurt or porridge and as a healthier addition within your baking. I have only used this as a hot chocolate drink so far and can safely say that it has a lovely taste thanks to the addition of vanilla however if you are used to a more traditional hot chocolate drink, you will need to add a little sweetness (I chose honey for mine and it was yummy).

When it comes to snacks, The Natural Wellness Box added a savoury treat that was not only made with 100% natural ingredients but also a healthy alternative to the nations favourite.

Boundless Crisps are created using a supergrain called Sorghum which is incredibly kind to your gut. The Sea Salt & Cidar Vinegar Activated Chips were slightly too strong for my taste as I am not a huge fan of salt & vinegar, but their unique bubbly, crunchy texture made them an interesting eat. If you love your snacks, then I most certainly recommend giving these a try.

One of the most innovative products within January’s Renew Collection was the Home Ear Seed Kit from Acupips, based on the theory of Auricular Acupuncture. Acupuncture has been utilised in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and its success in aiding a variety of health concerns is why it remains so popular today.

Surprisingly the ear has over 120 acupuncture points which all connect to the central nervous system, therefore by placing Acupips Ear Seeds on some of these points, helping to balance your body has never been easier. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to test these out fully yet after hearing so many good things about the benefits of Ear Seeds, I’m excited to give them a try and will keep you posted.

Natural Beauty at it’s Best…

Even though I was very impressed by the selection of lifestyle products, the beauty additions is where the Renew Collection really shines for me. The variety of skincare products within this box made it one of the best boxes i’ve received so far, improving my beauty routine for the better with a mix of new products and some that topped up my existing beauty supplies…

There were two products featured in January’s box that are already firm favourites within my routine, and as they deliver great results, I was very happy to see appear. Pure Purpose’s Lemon Breeze Deodorant is one of my favourite natural deodorants for various reasons as not only does it have a great soft texture that makes application quick and easy but it smells incredible too.

The lemon aroma keeps you smelling fresh all day and after using it for some time, I can safely say that it is even effective during the warmer months too. Another product that i’m a huge fan of is the beautiful Hand & Cuticle Oil from Clockface Beauty, an oil that keeps my cuticles in tip top condition, my nails nourished and my hands deeply moisturised.

The rollerball applicator makes application hassle free and is great for on the go too. You can find out more about my experience here, but just like every Clockface Beauty product i’ve tried over the years, I am always impressed by it’s performance and the great results.

Having tried some samples from Five Dot Botanics in the past, I was very excited to see their Pure Rewind Facial Mask feature in the Renew Collection and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The pre-mixed mask is silky smooth, applies to the skin with ease, and makes masking a hassle-free experience.

The beautiful ingredients of rose clay, safflower seed oil, glycerin, glycolipids and lavender essential oils make this great on all skin types, gently detoxifying the skin, renewing the complexion and softening the skin. I must say that I have been reaching for this more and more and cannot wait to share a full review with you soon.

Last, but by no means least, is the stunning Hydrating Serum from Gherane Skincare, a brand that pride themselves on adaptable formulations. If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen my first impressions of this serum earlier this week, as the brand have really impressed with their antioxidant-rich formulation that not only plumps and hydrates the skin but also keeps it nourished and looking at its best.

The texture is where the brand really excels, with a lightweight milky consistency that absorbs into the skin in an instant, layering with other products easily and integrating into my existing routine seamlessly. I experienced great results instantaneously, with my dry and dehydrated skin looking fresher immediately after use and remaining hydrated throughout the day. My experience was incredibly positive and I will certainly share my full review after using for a longer period of time.

This has been one of the most enjoyable subscription box experiences i’ve had in a long time thanks to the beautifully curated box that combined a wealth of incredible brands that really delivered everything they promised. Whether it is lifestyle or beauty, The Natural Wellness Box puts together products that push the boundaries and that is one of the reasons why they are among my favourite subscription boxes to date.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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