|AD – PR Product| If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that i’m a huge fan of Kri Skincare, an ethical brand who pride themselves on their transparency and minimalist approach to beauty. Their formulations are simple yet incredibly effective, making them one of my go-to’s for skincare staples…

Their Vitamin C + Bakuchiol Serum has been a favourite of mine since its launch back in 2020, as the serum offered an easy yet effective way of incorporating Vitamin C into my routine without the worry about its stability. As Kri Skincare uses 10% THDA within their Vitamin C + Bakuchiol Serum, the Vitamin C within it remains stable and doesn’t degrade when exposed to light and air. The use of THDA rather than a water-soluble version also means it’s less irritating, so is therefore more suitable for those with a sensitive skin type too. The serum was so popular that Kri Skincare have recently launched a brand new product – the new Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum containing double the percentage of THDA compared to the original, supercharging the benefits and boasting a highly absorbent quality that skincare dreams are made of.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from free radical damage that occurs from UV exposure, slowing down melanin production that would otherwise lead to dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. In addition to this, Vitamin C is also a great radiance booster and can also protect against premature aging from environmental pollutants, so is certainly an ingredient that will make your skin look and feel at its very best. The new Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum delivers just this, leaving my skin looking fresher and more radiant after only a few applications and now 2 months later, is still making a big difference to the overall look and feel of my skin.

The texture is where Kri Skincare have really excelled, with the addition of Broccoli Seed Oil giving the serum it’s signature lightweight texture that absorbs in an instant, leaving skin feeling soft to the touch without any greasy residue. The texture lends itself perfectly to layering skincare, sinking into the skin with ease and allowing other products to work in harmony without any issue. Broccoli Seed Oil not only gives the serum its beautiful light and silky texture but brings with it a wealth of skin benefits as it is naturally high in beta carotene (which converts into Vitamin A) and Omegas 6 and 9 to help support the skin’s barrier.

Over the 2-month period i’ve been using Kri Skincare’s Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum, the most noticeable change i’ve experienced is the appearance of my fine lines on my forehead. The creases appear almost blurred thanks to way the skin is softer and looks less textured than before use. My complexion, which had a tendency to look lack-lustre, now looks glowing in comparison with a more even tone and smoother texture. I feel like the new serum has brought some vitality back into my skin and I am definitely here for it. My skin has felt more resilient during the seasonal transition, with less irritation and dryness that I can only ascertain to Kri Skincare’s Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum.

To say i’m a fan of the latest release feels like an understatement as the serum has made a significant change to my skin since first use. I didn’t think Kri Skincare could beat their Vitamin C + Bakuchoil Serum as that is a triumph in its own right yet it’s supercharged sibling elevates my skincare routine further, going beyond a simple skincare product to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin. The creation of Kri Skincare’s Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum is very special indeed and is by far, one of the most skin changing formulations i’ve tried to date.

Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum – £30.00/30ml

Have you experienced Kri Skincare’s Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum as yet? If you’re a Vitamin C newbie, then take a look at my review of the original serum here and don’t forget you can get £10.00 off your first order over £30.00 by using the code EMMASENTME.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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