Meet the Maker: Blomma Beauty (Festive Edition)

Welcome to another installment of the new Meet the Maker interviews, a series of questions and answers with some of the faces behind the brands that make a big impact on our beauty routines. It is great to find products that can transform our beauty regimes for the better but I wanted to find out … Continue reading Meet the Maker: Blomma Beauty (Festive Edition)

Blomma Beauty: A One-Stop Shop for Natural Beauty (Review)

Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that discovering amazing products is an exciting experience yet there is no better feeling than finding an array of incredible natural and independent beauty brands in one place – and that is certainly what i’ve discovered recently with Blomma Beauty. Blomma Beauty, taken from the Swedish meaning ‘to bloom’, … Continue reading Blomma Beauty: A One-Stop Shop for Natural Beauty (Review)

KIND2: Conditioner Reinvented ‘The Restoring One’ (Review)

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is actively trying to reduce plastic waste, and although there are some difficulties in finding Earth-conscious alternatives, my beauty routine is a part of my life that I find it easiest to make eco-friendly swaps… Yet one part of my shower routine that I have struggled to … Continue reading KIND2: Conditioner Reinvented ‘The Restoring One’ (Review)

Brand Directory

The Brand directory is an easy way of finding all my reviews on the brands, beauty box and online stores that have featured on my blog. They are all utilise natural and cruelty-free ingredients and are free from animal testing at the very least, with several also offering organic, vegan-friendly and some plastic free alternatives … Continue reading Brand Directory

SoapNSkin: Discovery Set (First Impressions)

SoapNSkin had been a brand on my wish list for a while so when they launched their Discovery Set on Blomma Beauty, it was the perfect time to try a selection of their products. SoapNSkin is a true celebration of British skincare, combining sustainably sourced ingredients from independent suppliers with age-old rituals to provide a … Continue reading SoapNSkin: Discovery Set (First Impressions)

True Skincare: Nourishing Avocado & Evening Primrose Facial Oil for Dry Skin (Review)

When it comes to natural and organic beauty products, there seems to be a general consensus that you have to pay a lot of money to be able to adopt a greener, beauty routine – and if you don’t, the products will be less effective and certainly not as ethical. True Skincare has taken this … Continue reading True Skincare: Nourishing Avocado & Evening Primrose Facial Oil for Dry Skin (Review)

Top Ten Brand Discoveries: 2019

It’s that time of year again to reflect upon the highs and lows of the past 12 months and acknowledge the things you’ve learnt and experienced.  As a green beauty blogger, this always leads me to reflect upon the amazing beauty brands i’ve discovered throughout 2019 – and there have certainly been some truly great … Continue reading Top Ten Brand Discoveries: 2019

Cut.Le.Crap: Natural Hair Oil (Review)

Cut.Le.Crap are a no nonsense beauty brand dedicated to creating natural, unisex products that take the hassle out of choosing conscious skincare.  The brand are completely transparent when it comes to both their ethos and the ingredients they use within their formulations so you know exactly what you are buying and utilising within your beauty … Continue reading Cut.Le.Crap: Natural Hair Oil (Review)

Discounts & Offers

Disclaimer: Some of the above links/codes are affiliated/referral links and I might receive a discount/monetary incentive when they are used. This does not effect any of my reviews/promotions of products linked to the brands as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested. Many of the codes above are purely discounts that have kindly been given by … Continue reading Discounts & Offers