Brand Directory

The Brand directory is an easy way of finding all my reviews on the brands, beauty box and online stores that have featured on my blog. They are all utilise natural and cruelty-free ingredients and are free from animal testing at the very least, with several also offering organic, vegan-friendly and some plastic free alternatives … Continue reading Brand Directory

Top Ten Brand Discoveries: 2019

It’s that time of year again to reflect upon the highs and lows of the past 12 months and acknowledge the things you’ve learnt and experienced.  As a green beauty blogger, this always leads me to reflect upon the amazing beauty brands i’ve discovered throughout 2019 – and there have certainly been some truly great … Continue reading Top Ten Brand Discoveries: 2019

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box: February (First impressions)

After hearing the theme of this month’s Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, I couldn’t wait for its arrival as I was certainly in need of the pampering treats the ‘Pure Bliss’ box had to offer. This months box was a true delight, with 5 perfectly selected items that captured the essence of pure bliss. Each … Continue reading Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box: February (First impressions)