GeoMitchell – Relax, Naturally Bath Salts Review

GeoMitchell was born from the passion of 3 Brothers who wanted to bring natural products into their lifestyles after discovering the benefits of essential oils on the mind, body and soul. I recently received a sample of their ‘Relax, Naturally’ bath salts; a blend of Epsom salts, dead sea salts and a blend of eucalyptus, … Continue reading GeoMitchell – Relax, Naturally Bath Salts Review

Brand Directory

The Brand directory is an easy way of finding all my reviews on the brands, beauty box and online stores that have featured on my blog. They are all utilise natural and cruelty-free ingredients and are free from animal testing at the very least, with several also offering organic, vegan-friendly and some plastic free alternatives … Continue reading Brand Directory