Brand Directory

The Brand directory is an easy way of finding all my reviews on the brands, beauty box and online stores that have featured on my blog. They are all utilise natural and cruelty-free ingredients and are free from animal testing at the very least, with several also offering organic, vegan-friendly and some plastic free alternatives … Continue reading Brand Directory

Blomma Beauty: A One-Stop Shop for Natural Beauty (Review)

Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that discovering amazing products is an exciting experience yet there is no better feeling than finding an array of incredible natural and independent beauty brands in one place – and that is certainly what i’ve discovered recently with Blomma Beauty. Blomma Beauty, taken from the Swedish meaning ‘to bloom’, … Continue reading Blomma Beauty: A One-Stop Shop for Natural Beauty (Review)

The Natural Beauty Box: June 2019

After such a great collaboration back in October last year, I was very excited to see The Natural Beauty Box and Rare Beauty join forces yet again for June’s Summer Vibes themed box. The box contents certainly didn’t disappoint, containing 5 Summer essentials that were certain to save my skin during the changeable British weather … Continue reading The Natural Beauty Box: June 2019