Ellyfante: Bamboo Flannels (Review)

As a big cleansing fan, the face cloth you use can certainly make or break your cleansing routine. You can definitely boost the performance of your products and achieve a very different experience depending on which style cloth you use. I recently discovered Ellyfante's cloths in the Meadow Skincare Starter Kit and was amazed at … Continue reading Ellyfante: Bamboo Flannels (Review)

Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)

If there was one skincare staple that I couldn't do without during the Winter months, it would have to be lip balm. From walking the dog on frosty mornings to working indoors with the central heating on, chapped lips are an accessory we've all worn as the cooler weather hits. So you can imagine my … Continue reading Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)