Two TEWC Body Oil bottles standing on a log slice with Christmas foliage and orange slices. Natural Beauty Christmas Gift Guide by Beauty Folio

TEWC Skincare: Body Oils (Review)

|AD - Gifted| When it comes to Autumn and Winter skincare staples, oils are at the top of the list of nourishing products to help combat dry patches and dull complexions caused by the central heating and harsher weather. If you've seen my Natural Beauty Gift Guide this year, you may have spotted two body … Continue reading TEWC Skincare: Body Oils (Review)

Holistic Kitchen: Succulent Face Toner (Review)

I absolutely love discovering new brands who pride themselves on creating products that are ethical in both their formulations and approach to wellness and skincare. Holistic Kitchen are a brand dedicated to providing a holistic experience with each of their products, from skincare and pregnancy care to carefully selected aromatherapy blends, the whole range promotes … Continue reading Holistic Kitchen: Succulent Face Toner (Review)

Soap Folk: Travel Soap Small Gift Set (Review)

When it comes to purchasing solid soap bars, Soap Folk are my top choice every time as the quality, soap longevity and overall performance is outstanding and although many soaps have come close, Soap Folk is still the one you'll find in my bathroom all year around. If you're unfamiliar with Soap Folk, then you … Continue reading Soap Folk: Travel Soap Small Gift Set (Review)

Freyaluna: Shampoo Travel Kit

Freyaluna had been on my radar for some time, yet I had never got around to trying out any of their products. So on a recent purchase on Rare Beauty, I finally decided that this was the perfect time to try them out. Freyaluna was founded from one woman's desire to find products that were … Continue reading Freyaluna: Shampoo Travel Kit