Amaranthine Skincare's Minis Bundle branded cosmetic bag and items on a log slice with festive foliage. Natural Beauty Christmas Gift Guide by Beauty Folio.

Amaranthine: Minis Bundle (Review)

I am a firm believer in the importance of brands stocking smaller-sized products in some shape or form, not only to determine if a product is suitable for your skin type before committing to a full-sized purchase but also because they are incredibly handy for your travels. Amaranthine have gone one better with their latest … Continue reading Amaranthine: Minis Bundle (Review)

Tam Mason: A Handpicked Selection Box (Review)

When it comes to giving my hands a little self-care, Tam Mason's Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrubs are my go-to product since I discovered them a few months ago, as not only are they gently exfoliating but also incredibly nourishing too... I fell in love with the Rose & Patchouli Nourishing Sugar Scrub after first use, … Continue reading Tam Mason: A Handpicked Selection Box (Review)

Freyaluna: Shampoo Travel Kit

Freyaluna had been on my radar for some time, yet I had never got around to trying out any of their products. So on a recent purchase on Rare Beauty, I finally decided that this was the perfect time to try them out. Freyaluna was founded from one woman's desire to find products that were … Continue reading Freyaluna: Shampoo Travel Kit

Isla Apothecary Discovery Kit – Review

Back in 2016, I tried Isla Apothecary for the first time and was seriously impressed by both the quality of the product and the brand's ethos. I can't believe that it took me a year to rediscover Isla Apothecary when I purchased their Discovery Kit towards the end of last year... Isla Apothecary are a … Continue reading Isla Apothecary Discovery Kit – Review