Plastic-Free Beauty with Lovethical

Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s no surprise that plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental issues of our time, with the plastic industry booming and single use plastics everywhere we look, the zero-waste and plastic-free movement has never been more important. In an effort to help the environment we live in, we are all being encouraged … Continue reading Plastic-Free Beauty with Lovethical

Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)

If there was one skincare staple that I couldn't do without during the Winter months, it would have to be lip balm. From walking the dog on frosty mornings to working indoors with the central heating on, chapped lips are an accessory we've all worn as the cooler weather hits. So you can imagine my … Continue reading Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)

Magical Tree – Sweet Delight Body Scrub

After discovering Magical Tree last month, I couldn't wait to try yet more natural beauty treats from this ethical beauty brand. Thankfully, the lovely husband and wife duo sent me a sample of their popular Sweet Delight Body Scrub*, which features a new, stylish design which is beautifully colour coded to corresponding products in the … Continue reading Magical Tree – Sweet Delight Body Scrub

Narloa – Some New Favourites

If you've been following me over the past year, you'll know that Narloa is one of my favourite natural skincare brands. Narloa is a London-based artisan skincare brand who pride themselves on creating products which have minimal ingredients, made in small batches, are free-from harsh and synthetic chemicals and are completely cruelty free. They recently … Continue reading Narloa – Some New Favourites

New & Improved Cloud Cloth – Review

As many of you know, i'm a big fan of Cloud Cloth, a brand dedicated to protecting the environment with their washable face cloths to reduce the amount of cotton wool and face wipes which end up in landfill. I was sent the new and improved Cloud Cloth as New Year's gift by the lovely … Continue reading New & Improved Cloud Cloth – Review