Om Shanti Alchemy: Sattva Salts (Review)

I recently discovered Om Shanti Alchemy at the end of last year and the brand made so much of an impact, they received a special mention in my favourite brand discoveries of 2019. Om Shanti Alchemy was born from a personal struggle with mental illness as Bobbie, the founder of the brand, followed her passion … Continue reading Om Shanti Alchemy: Sattva Salts (Review)

Apotheca London: Frankincense Cleansing Balm (Review)

Apotheca London were among my favourite brand discoveries of 2019, with a small yet beautiful skincare range formulated with sustainable, organic ingredients and made right here in the UK. Each product I've tried from their range has impressed me, from their hydrating rosewater mist to the intensely nourishing face oil - the results demonstrate just … Continue reading Apotheca London: Frankincense Cleansing Balm (Review)

Cut.Le.Crap: Natural Hair Oil (Review)

Cut.Le.Crap are a no nonsense beauty brand dedicated to creating natural, unisex products that take the hassle out of choosing conscious skincare.  The brand are completely transparent when it comes to both their ethos and the ingredients they use within their formulations so you know exactly what you are buying and utilising within your beauty … Continue reading Cut.Le.Crap: Natural Hair Oil (Review)

Pure Purpose: Natural Skincare (First Impressions)

Pure Purpose is a brand that never fails to impress thanks to their high quality, plant-based ingredients that go into their natural, cruelty-free, vegan friendly products. It is no surprise that their beautiful range is award-winning, as their passion for healthy skin is realised in their products that harness the power of plants, herbs and … Continue reading Pure Purpose: Natural Skincare (First Impressions)

Amaranthine: Nourishing and Radiance Face Mask (First Impressions)

When it comes to face masks, no beauty enthusiast would be without the weekly ritual that provides a truly pampering experience for the skin and the senses. They are an integral part of our beauty routine that offer a wealth of benefits for any skin type in just one application and is the easiest way … Continue reading Amaranthine: Nourishing and Radiance Face Mask (First Impressions)

Eden Days Body: Deep Daizy Dry Shampoo (Review)

I am always on the quest for natural haircare products that are affordable and great quality, yet I have always struggled finding a natural dry shampoo that compared to the popular high-street brand I used to use. Thankfully, my quest is over as I have finally found the perfect product from one of my favourite … Continue reading Eden Days Body: Deep Daizy Dry Shampoo (Review)

Meadow Skincare: Complete Collection (Review)

I first discovered Meadow Skincare in January's The Natural Beauty Box and as soon as I tried their Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Overnight Replenishing Oil, I knew the brand's skincare range was very special indeed. Meadow Skincare carefully formulate their vegan and natural beauty products with high quality and sustainable fruit butters and plant … Continue reading Meadow Skincare: Complete Collection (Review)

Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)

If there was one skincare staple that I couldn't do without during the Winter months, it would have to be lip balm. From walking the dog on frosty mornings to working indoors with the central heating on, chapped lips are an accessory we've all worn as the cooler weather hits. So you can imagine my … Continue reading Ethically Organic: Lip Balms (Review)

Unearthd Co: Cast Your Eyes On Me Lash and Brow Serum

I'm sure i'm not alone when I say that i've always wanted longer eyelashes as i'm not blessed with naturally long lashes, and I have never been able to wear false ones either. Therefore you can imagine my delight when Unearthd Company asked me if i'd like to try their new lash and brow serum, … Continue reading Unearthd Co: Cast Your Eyes On Me Lash and Brow Serum