Two TEWC Body Oil bottles standing on a log slice with Christmas foliage and orange slices. Natural Beauty Christmas Gift Guide by Beauty Folio

TEWC Skincare: Body Oils (Review)

|AD - Gifted| When it comes to Autumn and Winter skincare staples, oils are at the top of the list of nourishing products to help combat dry patches and dull complexions caused by the central heating and harsher weather. If you've seen my Natural Beauty Gift Guide this year, you may have spotted two body … Continue reading TEWC Skincare: Body Oils (Review)

TEWC: Grapefruit Facial Exfoliator (Review)

TEWC are among my favourite brand discoveries this year as the performance of each of their products has been impressive so far. As someone with a dry skin type, exfoliators are among my must-have beauty essentials as they not only remove dead skin cells to promote a smoother and more radiant complexion but also prepare … Continue reading TEWC: Grapefruit Facial Exfoliator (Review)

The Earth Works Cosmetics : Regenerating Day and Night Treatment (Review)

I love discovering amazing natural skincare brands who are dedicated to great skin and I have to say that on recently trying out products from The Earth Works Cosmetics, the brand are the epitome of everything I look for when it comes to great skincare. TEWC was founded back in 2013 and are a family-run … Continue reading The Earth Works Cosmetics : Regenerating Day and Night Treatment (Review)