GeoMitchell – Relax, Naturally Bath Salts Review

GeoMitchell was born from the passion of 3 Brothers who wanted to bring natural products into their lifestyles after discovering the benefits of essential oils on the mind, body and soul. I recently received a sample of their 'Relax, Naturally' bath salts; a blend of Epsom salts, dead sea salts and a blend of eucalyptus, … Continue reading GeoMitchell – Relax, Naturally Bath Salts Review

Timeless Truth – Face Mask Review

Timeless Truth are a beauty brand best known for their facial masks, a product which have won them several accolades and finalist positions in awards such as The Beauty Shortlist in 2016.Β  All Timeless Truth products are cruelty free and free from parabens, and have innovation at the centre of their brand. I was recently … Continue reading Timeless Truth – Face Mask Review

Dr Botanicals: Moroccan Rose Light Summer Cream – Review

Dr Botanicals are the world’s number one vegan skincare brand and are based in the UK. They offer an extensive range of luxury skincare, which contain 100% natural paraben-free ingredients, and all have environmentally conscious packaging. As part of the Dr Botanicals review panel*, I've discovered some lovely skincare products including this Moroccan Rose Light … Continue reading Dr Botanicals: Moroccan Rose Light Summer Cream – Review