I have a confession. I’ve never really been a fan of fake tan. I’ve had so many mishaps with orange lines and white patches (and even a tan which wouldn’t stop developing!). After that particular incident, I vowed to stay a white shade of pale and embrace my fair complexion. However, when I discovered James Read Gradual Tan H20 Mist, I hoped all my fake tan nightmares would be long forgotten…

Firstly, the packaging is incredibly stylish as the white and gold combination is so on trend and makes you feel as though you are using a more premium product. The bottle, which is clear, also has a very practical lid (as there are two of them), which makes it spill-proof if travelling or storing which is always a bonus.

Despite it being rose-scented, I would personally say that this is only an undertone of rose and is not overpowering at all. It is a light, fresh scent which is perfect for this time of year. I would happily spray myself with this and leave the house as it doesn’t have the dreaded signature self-tan aroma.

Now as I have fair skin, and have experienced multiple failed self-tanning disasters, I decided to try this on my body first as was scared to try this on my face. The spray is extremely hydrating but is also light and refreshing on the skin which will be perfect during the summer months, especially as it has a cooling sensation too. I spritzed about 6-sprays and left it dry for approx. 5 minutes and carried on with my day. By the evening, I had a lovely golden glow on my skin which was even and had no hint of orange! I applied a second coat the following day and again, it was even and only a shade darker than the previous day. This gave me the courage to apply it to my face. I spritzed the spray on my face, neck and décolleté, as I am pale and didn’t want the dreaded tan line. As with my previous experience on my body, the tan was even and a nice, light, golden shade. I personally didn’t apply make-up over it, but I can certainly see how amazing this would sit under make-up due to the lovely non-greasy formula which makes your skin hydrated and glowing!

Overall, I would recommend James Read Gradual Tan H20 Mist to anyone looking for an easy-to-use self-tanning product. As the formula is a clear liquid, you don’t get the tan transfer on clothing or bed linen which is definitely a big plus. The lovely, even application eradicates the dreaded streaks and the gradual tanning process means you can control the shade of tanned skin you’d like to achieve. James Read Gradual Tan H20 Mist does exactly what it says on the bottle!

A big (not so pale!) thumbs up from me 👍

Available at https://www.jamesreadtan.com RRP £20.00.

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