I’m Emma and i’m a 29 year old green beauty lover living in Northampton, England. I have a BA and MA in English Literature, so as well as my blogging hobby, I also have a real passion for books too.

My blog is a space that I can share my love and passion for green and natural beauty in the hope that it helps others discover some incredible brands and products that can really change your beauty routine for the better.

Beauty Folio is a place where you’ll find in-depth product reviews, brand spotlights and meet the maker interviews, as well as ingredient focused blog posts, discounts and the brand directory so you can easily access what you’re looking for. It is a space to explore green beauty and discover some incredible brands and products to help you on your own natural beauty journey.

My Beauty Journey

I wanted to share a little about my own experience of green beauty and how it took me several years to feel happy in my own skin. I developed atopic eczema on my face and body as a child and suffered from severe seasonal allergies that made using conventional beauty products very difficult. As I hit my teens, i’m sure I wasn’t the only one who would come back from trips into town with armfuls of heavily fragranced products that would always lead me back to square one; sore-skinned and in a repetitive cycle trying to find conventional beauty on the high street that would help my skin on the good days without steroid medication. When products did work, they would give amazing results for around 2 weeks and then either stop working or give me completely adverse effects.

It was when I won a natural skincare competition that my natural beauty journey began, as it was a skin changing experience that really showcased exactly what natural products could do. After use, my skin was reaping the benefits as it was intensely moisturised without heavy emollients, and my skin was happy without any use of skin-thinning, steroid creams within my routine.

Natural products made me comfortable in my own skin and enabled me to control any eczema flare-ups with natural remedies as I now understand how my skin works. But natural beauty is more than just skin deep, as it becomes a lifestyle and provides a connection with the world around us. My awareness of environmental issues have changed dramatically since using natural beauty products and I appreciate the heart and soul that goes into natural formulations. Yes, there are times when products just don’t suit your skin but it is easier to pinpoint ingredients you may be sensitive to with minimal INCI lists and lack of synthetic fragrances that have been proven to irritate the skin over time.

Making the switch to natural beauty products was a game changer for me and a transition I certainly don’t regret. I hope my story and my blog helps others to start their own natural beauty journey and rediscover the beauty benefits nature has to offer.

Brand Ambassador

I’m so proud to represent three amazing natural beauty brands who are passionate and dedicated to green beauty as much as I am.

Inner Senses: Inner Senses specialise in organic beauty, creating vegan-friendly products that promote a sense of wellbeing. Lisa, who is a genius when it comes to aromatherapy, prides herself on harnessing the very best nature has to offer to bring a wholesome holistic experience unlike any other.

Ezape Naturals: Vanessa over at Ezape Naturals formulated her products to treat her children’s eczema so it is no surprise that the formulations are gentle, nourishing and amazing on dry, sensitive skin. The capsule collection is affordable and eco-friendly, with many products housed in plastic-free packaging.

Nudge Boutique: Nudge Boutique pride themselves with an age-positive ethos that helps to ‘nudge’ women of all ages towards nourished skin and hair through the use of plant-based beauty products. They are incredibly Earth-conscious in their approach to their range and always striving to source local ingredients to minimise their carbon footprint.

I am also a member of Ethical Influencers, a digital community striving for a better world.

Want to find out more about the brands i’m loving?

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