New CID Cosmetics pride themselves on creating products influenced by what real women want from their cosmetics. Whether it’s the formulas themselves, the innovative packaging or the make-up mistakes they have tried to conquer, New CID Cosmetics have created a range of simple fool-proof products to suit everyone.  After discovering the i-smoulder Smoky Eye Pencil and Shadow in my latest Libbie Club box, this simple 2-in-1 product is certainly no exception to the brands ethos about simple and easy- to- use products.


Appearance: The white and silver packaging instantly makes the i-smoulder look expensive and more premium than high street/drugstore make-up brands. The product itself is very lightweight and not too bulky so it would be perfect for traveling or popping into your bag for those on-the-go top ups.

Colour: The colour I received is called Ember, a beautiful purple/brown shade which would be perfect for those with green or brown eyes (and would look amazing on a darker skin tone too). Personally for me, it didn’t quite suit my pale skin and blue eyes however, it does come in a range of other shades which I am looking forward to trying in the future!

Application/Results: If you are unsure about colour combinations or how to create a smoky eye then this is the product for you. This handy tool features a retractable eyeliner at one end and a sponge applicator loaded with a cream eyeshadow at the other. As the colours match perfectly, you are guaranteed to eradicate any colour-matching mishaps you might have experienced in the past.  You also have all the tools to apply, blend, wing and line within the i-smoulder so there really is no excuse not to get your eye make-up on point! The cream eyeshadow itself has a silky-like texture and is slightly metallic on application. The pencil also has a very slight shimmer running through it and is very soft to apply, so you’ll be able to smudge it out if you wish to do so.  The New CID i-smoulder smoky eye pencil and shadow is also not limited to just creating a perfect smoky eye; it is versatile for a number of eye make-up looks.  I found it very useful as a base for other eyeshadows to keep them in place and if a smoky eye isn’t for you, then you can use this on its own in the eye crease or on the upper or lower lid as an individual shadow or liner.  The product wear was impressive and despite it starting to fade by the evening, it was still on the eye and hadn’t creased at all.

Overall, I was certainly impressed by the New CID i-smoulder Smoky Eye Pencil and Shadow as it really does take all the guess work out of make-up application. The way in which one product has so many uses also makes it good value for money and a worthy of a place in my make-up bag.  I will certainly be purchasing other colours and checking out more from the brand in the future.

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Beauty Folio x



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