As a 25 year old, I must say that I’d never used any form of skin peel before because I have always associated such treatments with more mature skin. However, when Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta extra strength daily peel appeared in my latest Libbie Club box, I was excited to try them out.

Dr Dennis Gross is a leading dermatologist and has over 25 years’ experience within the field. He has been recognised in New York Magazine as one of the best doctors within the skin health area; so when it comes to skin peels, Dr Dennis Gross is certainly a name you can trust.


Skin peels have only recently become a treatment that you can undertake within the comforts of your own home and to many, the idea of a skin peel (or acid/chemical peel) is certainly a daunting process. However, Dr Dennis Gross has made it a simple and highly effective process with the two-step daily peel which uses the same formation as you would receive in his clinic. Each step is a simple loaded-wipe, which eradicates product wastage, and comes individually sealed in sachets which ensures hygiene and the stability of the ingredients.

The first wipe is to exfoliate and smooth the skin and contains ingredients which reduces signs of aging, helps to speed-up cell renewal, builds collagen production, clears pores and soothes any skin irritation. The second wipe acts as an anti-aging neutraliser which seals moisture into the skin, increases elasticity and protects against free-radical damage and environmental toxins.

After completing a skin test, due to being a first-time user and having sensitive skin, I proceeded with the two-step treatment. The wipes themselves are very soft and larger than I thought they would be. The wipes do have quite a strong chemical scent, which is to be expected, and it soon dissipates when on the skin after use. After using the first wipe, you wait two minutes until using step two and then your skin peel is complete! You can then follow with a serum and moisturiser afterwards to further enhance the results.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the look and feel of my skin on the completion of my skin peel. Even after one use, my dry skin was smoother and brighter and my face felt incredibly clean and glowing. I didn’t have any irritation or redness as I had expected; even on areas where I am prone to eczema flare-ups! Personally for me, as a first-time user, I will probably use this as a once a week treatment to give my skin thorough exfoliation and cleansing and then introduce it more regularly if needed. I certainly think on more mature skin that the results will be even more phenomenal. Hooray for Dr Dennis Gross Skincare!

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Take Care, Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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