We all know that the summer can take its toll on our hair.  With more exposure to chlorine, UV rays, humidity and salt water it is no surprise that when the summer is over, our hair isn’t looking its best. All of this, combined with everyday heat styling, can often make hair look lack-lustre, dry and damaged by the time autumn arrives.  So when I discovered Paul Yacomine London products in my September Libbie Club box, I couldn’t wait to try them out and get my hair back in tip-top condition and ready for the next season.

Having trained alongside the best in the business (John Frida and Anthony Mascolo to name a few), Paul Yacomine has become a leading name in the hair industry and has a long list of celebrity clients.  With his expertise in hair health and innovative style, it is no surprise that his range of premium hair products are best sellers worldwide.

Paul Yacomine London Micro Treatment Oils and Microfinish No3.

The Micro Treatment Oils combine sunscreen and essential oils to repair damaged hair and provide protection against heat styling, sea, sun and chlorine.  Unlike other haircare products on the market, which only improves the appearance of the hair, the Micro Treatment Oils are actually designed to improve the health of your hair while also working to add shine and smooth the hair cuticles. By combining the essential oils with a serum, the product absorbs into the hair at a slower rate to eradicate build-up, so not only will it not weigh your hair down but it will also be effectively cleansed from the hair when washing. All you need is 2-3 pumps of the Micro Treatment Oils applied through damp hair in a sweeping motion, especially concentrating on the ends, to be protected and ready for heat styling.

The Micro Finish No.3 also uses organic essential oils to give a weightless shine to heavier hair, which improves its softness and overall condition. It uses essential oils in the same way as the Micro Treatment Oils as it doesn’t cause any build-up within the hair. It improves the appearance and health of lack-lustre and dull hair after drying. Just a few drops smoothed through the hair calms any flyaways and makes hair smooth and bouncy.

The blend of essential oils makes both products smell beautiful and both the Micro Treatment Oils and Micro Finish No.3 certainly live up to their promises. I’ve noticed that my hair is softer and shinier after I’ve dried it with the Micro Treatment Oils and the Micro Finish really smooths my fizz-prone thick hair. My hair also seems to be staying fresher for longer due to the weightlessness of the products, and the small amount needed, which has definitely made a difference to the appearance and texture of my hair. I would certainly recommend these little cans of joy for the hair; I haven’t found any other serums which can offer the weightless shine that Paul Yacomine London products have and my hair looks a lot healthier than it has in years!

Check out my Libbie Club page here for a special offer on these two amazing products; With £7.50 off while stocks last so don’t miss out!

2 thoughts on “Paul Yacomine London – Micro Treatment Oils and Micro Finish No.3

    1. They are fantastic aren’t they! I can’t believe the small amount of product you use for the amazing results…and don’t get me started on the smell! I will also be stocking up (and I might have to check out some other products too!)


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