Anne Semonin have been leading the way in luxury skincare since 1985 and aim to make skin more radiant and nourished regardless of a client’s age, gender or skin type. They recognise how skin changes daily, and therefore create holistic skincare which can be tailored to your own skin concerns and aim to prevent, or even reverse, visible signs of aging. As an independently owned premium beauty brand, with 200 spas and retail locations worldwide, Anne Semonin is certainly a brand you can trust.

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I was so excited to discover Anne Semonin’s The Daily Musts masks in my latest Libbie Club box, as I am already a fan of the brand’s Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes which are a life saver for puffy eyes!

As we all know, there is nothing like that end of week treat when you can put on a face mask and feel pampered (as no pamper session is complete without a face mask!). However, what if you discovered that your usual weekly face mask could become a daily occurrence? The lovely beauty experts at Anne Semonin believe that a face mask should be an integral part of everyone’s daily skincare regime, as masks are the best way to supply skin cells with the essential minerals and nutrients they need to maintain balance and defy premature aging. As I am not one to argue with the experts, I decided to put the Daily Musts masks to the test.


Each face mask is individually packaged in a mini coffret, but don’t be deceived by the size; you can easily get two masks out of each one which makes them great value for money.  The best thing about receiving four different masks is that they are incredibly versatile, as you can multimask depending on what your skin needs that day. Ideally, it is recommended that each mask be alternated every day or, if you prefer, at least twice a week in conjunction with your usual skincare routine.

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The Cream Mask is designed to soothe delicate complexions and guard against visible signs of aging. The mask was a lovely texture to apply and the scent was light and slightly fragranced so wearing it was a nice experience.  My skin not only looked smoother but actually felt more supple and hydrated after use.

The Exfoliating Mask does exactly what it says on the tin. It is formulated to remove dead surface cells, refine the texture of the skin and enhance the radiance of the complexion. This was actually my personal favourite as I loved everything about it. The scent very fresh, application was great as it was quite creamy in texture and the mask itself wasn’t too abrasive.  My dry skin was greatly improved for a couple of days after use and looked dewier than it had in weeks. It is great for this time of the skin when skin is looking a little lack lustre and really helps to overcome the toll that the changeable weather and central heating has on the skin.

Next is the Gel Mask which, similarly to the cream mask, revitalises the skin and boosts radiance. This was an interesting mask as it had an almost menthol feel to it which gave a cooling sensation that wasn’t unpleasant.  The scent is quite pungent in lavender, so it would make a great addition to your night time skincare routine.  After use my skin felt refreshed, smooth and very clean.

Finally, the Mineral Mask is designed to not only detoxify and rebalance the skin but also tighten pores.  This for me was my least favourite as the texture made the mask quite difficult to apply and the smell was very strong. However, saying this, my skin looked a lot brighter and healthier after use; so it wasn’t all bad!

I really enjoyed using the Anne Semonin Daily Musts (even the Mineral Mask!), as my skin looked brighter and more refreshed over the week. I love the versatility of being able to choose from a library of masks which are designed to be used consecutively each day and work in harmony with your skin, whatever skin concern you may have. It is not often you find a brand which appeals to every age, gender and skin type however Anne Semonin ticks every box. I will certainly be purchasing more products in the future and would highly recommend these facial treats!

Have you tried any Anne Semonin products? Remember if you’d like to try out the Daily Musts, there is an exclusive offer over on the Libbie club. Click here for details!

Beauty Folio x

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