A quick post from me today as I wanted to share my recent make-up purchase with you; the Barry M Natural Glow Shadow and Primer Palette 2.


Now we all know there is nothing better than an eyeshadow palette, and usually, there are always colours that you’ll rarely use. However, this is the reason why I choose this one. Not only are all the colours complimentary to each other, but they are all beautiful shades to use singly too. The mix of matte and shimmer shades are soft yet very pigmented and they blend beautifully on the eye. The wear is good, considering the price, and the large mirror makes it feel like a more premium palette.


The addition of an eye primer is great, however it is far too greasy to hold any eyeshadow all day. Despite this, I really like to use it on it’s own, as it gives my drier eyelids a lovely sheen which lasts for a good couple of hours.

If you’re looking for an affordable palette for that perfect neutral eye, then Barry M’s Natural Glow Shadow and Primer Palette 2 is certainly a great place to start!

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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