I was unsure what to think when I opened door number 11 on my Holland and Barrett Advent calendar, as even though i’m already a Dr. Organic fan, Snail Gel has always been the one product I’ve avoided – that was until now!

Dr.Organic are a natural beauty brand who create products which are formulated with ingredients which have key active properties to target specific beauty needs.

Snail gel, formally known as Helix Asperisia Muller, has been a popular ingredient in skincare for a while due to its moisturising, soothing and anti-aging properties – it also provides antioxidant protection too!


Now obviously, this isn’t suitable for vegans however, it is cruelty free, as it’s harvested from free-roaming snails in organic conditions.

My first impressions have actually surprised me, as I have to admit I didn’t initially try this with an open mind. The texture isn’t as you’d expect, as it’s a silky gel which absorbs into the skin with ease. The scent is lovely and fresh, thanks to the addition of lime, and it is very easy to add into your skincare routine as you simply apply it before moisturiser.


As a dry skin sufferer, this appears to be the perfect moisture booster as its weightless formula melts into the skin leaving no residue. Even after two applications, my skin feels soft and my moisturiser appears to be working better than before. This is definitely a product i’ll be using long term and i’ll certainly keep you updated on my progress!

What are your thoughts on Snail gel? I’d love to know if you’ve tried it. Don’t forget to check back on Sunday on the final day of my advent calendar!

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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