I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with nail varnish, as despite loving freshly painted nails, I hate the strong scent and always chip it within hours of application. Add to the fact that removal is a messy job, and near impossible if you have any irritation or sensitive skin on your hands. Yet as if by magic, all my nail polish woes have disappeared as I have a great alternative which eradicates all my issues…

File flowers

Little Ondine are an innovative nail care brand who create cruelty-free, natural, water-based nail polishes which are odourless, non-toxic, chip-proof, quick drying – and best of all – peel off! The selection of colours and finishes are incredible, with over 70 polishes/gift sets in the collection, so you really are spoilt for choice.


What I love most is the speed and ease in which I can change my nail colour, as it simply peels off and doesn’t damage the nail in any way. As it dries very quickly, you don’t have to wait an age for touch dry nails, as you can paint and go within a few minutes (just don’t wash your hands for an hour). The fact that it’s water based also allows you to keep the polish at the right consistency, as unlike conventional nail varnishes that go gloopy and thick over time, Little Ondine say that you can simply add a drop of water and shake to maintain the perfect texture.

Top and twins

Now the question I get asked most is ‘how long does it last?’, and the answer is dependant on your lifestyle, as the colour probably won’t last as long if you do a lot of washing-up or hand-washing without gloves. I’ve had my nail colour last anywhere between 2 days to over 1 week on my finger nails, and over 2 weeks on toes. I always ensure that I use the Secret base and top coat, which makes the polish last longer and gives them a gorgeous shine which resembles a gel manicure.


I have to say that the fact that I don’t need to remove polish with nail varnish remover is a big bonus for me, as it really does save my sensitive skin. It just makes the job so much easier and I don’t have to worry about acetone spillages on furniture or flooring.

Here are a few colours from my (ever-growing) collection:

Red fingers
From Thumb: Lava, Red Red Wine, True Love, Afternoon Tea and Mistletoe.
Pinks fingers
From Thumb: Plum Gorgeous, Lilac (From Sunday Brunch Twins), Strawberry Milkshake, Smoky Mountain and Propose (From Sunday Brunch Twins).
Blues Fingers
From Thumb: Maldives, Fiji, Pacific, Nirvana (From Sunday Brunch Twins), Morning Glory (From Sunday Brunch Twins).
Glitter Fingers
From Thumb: Pacific + 1 Coat of Radiance, Propose + 1 Coat of Radiance, 3 Coats of Radiance, 1 Coat of Radiance and 1 Coat of Secret Base and Top Coat.

If you haven’t tried Little Ondine before, then make 2018 the year to give them a try. These natural polishes put the joy back into painting your nails, as nail care has never been so quick and easy. With such an extensive range of colours in the collection, there really is a Little Ondine for any occasion!

Have you tried any yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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