Myroo Skincare is a British brand founded from one woman’s passion to create amazing products suitable for all skin types, especially those which are sensitive and allergy-prone. All Myroo Skincare products are 100% plant derived, and contain ingredients specifically chosen because of their skin loving properties. They are also all cruelty free, organic, free from gluten, nut and dairy, and are also suitable for vegans. What I love most is that each product comes in both a fragranced and fragrance-free version – so there really is something for everyone!

A few months ago, I purchased the mini trial skincare set in the fragrance free option, and was delighted with the great selection of products featured for such a small price (£8).

Fragrance Free Facial Cleanser & Cloth


There is nothing I love more than a cleanser which is effective and gentle on the skin, and I have to say that this fragrance free facial cleanser from Myroo certainly meets this criteria. The cleanser, made with apricot kernel oil, starflower oil, borage seed oil and rosemary extract, helps to repair skin damage, form a barrier to protect from the elements and also retain the skin’s natural moisture levels. The texture is lightweight for an oil cleanser, which makes it perfect for all skin types, and it washes off the skin with ease without leaving any residue. After using this sample on a few occasions (a little goes a long way!), my skin instantly felt clean, soft and smooth, and looked dewy and bright. The dual-sided face cloth was a welcomed addition in the trial set and was the perfect partner for this delightful cleanser.

Fragrance Free Facial Cleanser & Cloth – £27.00 (also available in a fragranced version).
Fragrance Free Skin Boost Facial Serum


Much like the facial cleanser, this serum has been forumlated with all skin types in mind, yet is particularly good for those with sensitive skin which suffers from eczema, psoriasis or rosecea. This facial serum is a beautiful lightweight oil which is perfect under your usual daytime routine as a serum to keep skin nourished throughout the day, but is also great to use at bedtime. It’s skin loving ingredients, such as rosehip and raspberry seed oil, are full of antioxidents, vitamins and minerals to keep skin looking at it’s best. I used this as a serum under my usual face oil in both the morning and the evening, and have to say that my dry skin absolutely loved it. It stopped my skin from drying out during the day and almost super-charged my face oil. It absorbed nicely and left my skin feeling smoother and looking healthier almost instantly, and was lovely on a patch of eczema around my nose. Obviously, due to it only been trial sized, I can only comment on the immediate effects. However, since I tried this fragrance free trial sized serum, I’ve been using the full-sized fragranced version which featured in my first Natural Beauty Box – so keep your eyes peeled for the full review coming soon!

Fragrance Free Skin Boost Facial Serum – £30.00 (Also available in a fragranced version).
Fragrance Free Superfood Balm


You know how much I love a multi-purpose product and Myroo’s Fragrance Free Superfood Balm certainly fits the bill. The superfood balm can be used anywhere on the body and has a range of different uses from smoothing flyaways and eyebrows to moisturising dry skin patches and cuticles. The balm has a silky texture, thanks to ingredients such as mango seed butter and coconut oil, and really does melt into dry skin without leaving a greasy residue. I personally love it as an overnight treat for my cuticles and dry heels, and have already purchased a full-sized fragranced version as I love it so much. I would say that you do have to be careful in warm weather, as it does go very soft, so just remember to keep it somewhere cool!

Fragrance Free Superfood Balm – £25.00 (Also available in a fragranced version).
Fragrance Free Hand Treat


I really don’t like hand cream as I don’t like the stickiness that it leaves on your hands. I tried this with low expectations, however I was pleasently surprised by this little hand treat. The texture is unlike any other hand product i’ve used in the past, as the firm balm has an almost gel-like quality which spreads across the skin with ease. Even though hands immediately have a sheen to them, this soon absorbs to reveal hands which look nourished and feel like silk. Even my patches on eczema on my fingers feel softer and look less irritated. A little goes a long way, as it’s a concentrated formula, and i’m in love with the lack of resdiue coating my hands. This is definitely a product which lives up to its name and i’ll certainly be purchasing the full sized version very soon.

Fragrance Free Hand Treat – £20.00 (Also available in a fragranced version).


I have to say that my first experience with Myroo Skincare has been fantastic and I am so glad to have found such an amazing brand! The samples gave a good indiction of how my skin was going to react to the products and have no only left me wanting to purchase the full sized products, but also made me excited to see what other delights the brand have to offer.

Have you tried any Myroo products? Don’t forget to check out their website for a full product range.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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