One of the most popular items reviewed by bloggers last year was Spacemasks, a self-heating eye mask to provide ‘Intersteller Relaxation’. At the time, I was unsure to whether these masks were really worth the hype and after a year of resisting the urge, I recently decided that I had to try them out…

Spacemasks have arrived at a time when we are becoming heavily dependant on technology on a daily basis, which adds to the tensions and stresses of our already hectic lifestyles.  We all need few moments out of the harsh realities of daily life and give ourselves some self-care – and Spacemasks appear to be the perfect solution to help us with 15 minutes relaxation when we really need it.

box and mask

These eye masks feature a fine layer of iron fillings, which self-heat when they are exposed to oxygen in the air, all parcelled up in a soft cotton mask with ear loops to keep it in place. They also contain jasmine to promote relaxation and can be purchased singularly or in packs of five, and relative relatively inexpensive (£3.50/mask or £15.00 for five).

Mask and Packet


On opening the pouch, I was expecting to be hit with a strong scent of jasmine which was certainly not the case. The subtle aroma was welcomed, as I was dreading an overpowering fragrance, and the mask itself felt a lot softer than I anticipated. The ear loops are comfortable to wear, as they aren’t too tight but hold the masks perfectly in place. As I began to sit back and relax for 15 minutes, I felt the gentle heat coming through – and the next thing I knew, an hour had passed! This was possibly the most relaxed i’d been for while, and even after an hour, the mask was still warm, and left my eyes feeling rested. On my next Spacemask experience, I had a tension headache that had been lingering for the majority of the day. A 15 minute relaxation with Spacemasks improved the ache and left me feeling calm, relaxed and ready to carry on with my evening.

MaskUp Close

I am usually a complete sceptic when it comes to things such as Spacemasks as I usually find the buzz online and in magazines doesn’t usually live up to expectations – but this was certainly not the case with Spacemasks. I have never experienced a product like it, and was impressed by the use of heat to help with eye strain and headaches when for years, the only option has been a chilled eye mask or cold strips for your forehead. I have already repurchased more and will never fail to have them at hand for those moments when you just need time out. I cannot recommend them enough – they really are out of this world!

Have you tried Spacemasks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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