After discovering Magical Tree last month, I couldn’t wait to try yet more natural beauty treats from this ethical beauty brand. Thankfully, the lovely husband and wife duo sent me a sample of their popular Sweet Delight Body Scrub*, which features a new, stylish design which is beautifully colour coded to corresponding products in the same fragrance family.


The body scrub has the same great punchy fragrance as their Sweet Delight Body Butter, hitting you with the gorgeously zesty fragrance from the organic grapefruit and orange essential oils that give this range the recognisable citrus scent which is uplifting, energising and refreshing on both the skin and on the senses.

20180729_143139.jpgThe scrub itself, created with a blend of coconut oil, fine pink Himalayan salt and vitamin e oil, is lightly exfoliating, extremely nourishing  and leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and intensely moisturised. What I love most is that the salt is so finely milled, and wrapped in a rich cocktail of skin loving ingredients, that it doesn’t feel too gritty on my sensitive skin yet has just the right balance of salt to oils in order to give fantastic results. A small amount of scrub goes a long way, and thanks to the 100% natural ingredients, leaves your skin so moisturised that there is no need to use additional products after use. However, if like me, you have extremely dry skin, I would highly recommend following with the Sweet Delight Body Butter, which is a great accompaniment to the scrub.

Magical Tree: Sweet Delight Body Scrub – £19.99/250ml

The new packaging will adopt this style, but will match the orange of the Sweet Delight fragrance family. Each signature scent will have a different colour and will be colour coded on each Magical Tree product.

It is no surprise that this beautiful scrub, which is also vegan-friendly, was short-listed for the Free From Skincare Awards in 2017, as the quality of the product itself  is exceptional.  I would not only recommend this product to anyone, but I also highly commend the brand itself. Magical Tree is firmly among one of my favourite natural beauty brands out there at the moment, as their ethos and quality of their products never ceases to amaze me.  I can’t wait to see what exciting things Magical Tree have planned in the future, as their success is truly deserved.

Have you tried any Magical Tree Products yet? Why not head over to their website to browse their range of cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty products?

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Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me in return of a review for the new launch. I was under no obligation to give a positive review and all the thoughts and feedback in this honest post are my own.

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