When it comes to my cleansing routine, I am never without a Cloud Cloth as not only are they highly effective but they are also incredibly ethical too.

I have been using Cloud Cloth’s since they launched last year and have been impressed by both the quality of the cloth’s themselves and the dedication of the brand to eradicate waste and plastic from our beauty regimes. Despite loving the original Cloud Cloth, the brand have continued to improve the packaging, as well as the cloths themselves, to make it more user friendly and beneficial for our skin; a true testament to the ethos of the brand.


Catherine, the founder of Cloud Cloth, recently sent me the new and improved Cloud Cloth to try out with the exciting news that this is the final adjustment to the design.

standing up

The most noticeable change to the product on first glance is the new style of packaging, as not only is it made from fully recyclable paper but the gusseted sides makes it less likely to rip to ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition.  The pack of 3 Cloud Cloth’s maintain all the same features, including a handy hanging loop and soft headband, yet the cloths themselves have received a makeover. The shape has changed from my previous review, as they are now rectangular rather than square, and the dual-purpose cloths are thinner than their predecessor with a softer, more gentle exfoliating side to buff away dead skin cells on even the most sensitive of skin types. The softer side remains as soft as ever, and with the new shape and thinner material, the cloths are less bulky to use and even quicker to dry.


After the last upgrade, I didn’t think Cloud Cloth’s could get any better however these final tweaks have certainly made them the perfect accompaniment to your cleansing routine. I always favour Cloud Cloth’s over other facial cloths as I love how the dual-sided element is just one piece of cloth, and not two pieces of material sewn together like many others on the market. It makes for easier cleansing as well as make-up and face mask removal, and also means that they are incredibly easy to wash and dry as the quality doesn’t deplete after machine washing. It is these factors that make Cloud Cloth my go-to product as they have certainly improved my skincare routine and eradicated waste from my cleansing regime.


If you haven’t tried Cloud Cloth yet, or want to simply repurchase, you can get 10% off by using the code BEAUTYFOLIO. You also get free delivery on all UK orders and better still, if you order before 1pm, they’ll be posted first class on the same day! As they are so affordable, they also make a great gift which is why you’ll find them in this year’s Christmas Gift Guide.

Cloud Cloth – 3 Cleansing Facial Cloths: £10.00 (or £9.00 using ‘BEAUTYFOLIO’ at the checkout).

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge. I was under no obligation to write a review and all the feedback in this post is honest and all my own.


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