The Natural Beauty box never fails to deliver an array of cruelty-free products that are perfectly suited to the time of year.


November’s edit had a theme of Winter Skin Saviours that couldn’t have come at a better time. The cooler weather and central heating left my skin yearning for some nourishing skincare wonders last month and thankfully the items in November’s box didn’t fail to make my skin winter ready.

Niskama Skincare – Gentle Smoothing Face Polish


Niskama Skincare have been on my wishlist for a while as their no nonsense attitude to skincare is one to be admired, as their product range is both high quality and incredibly affordable.  The Gentle Smoothing Face Polish, which contains hibiscus flower and calendula, provides gentle exfoliation, boosts circulation and locks in moisture for a brighter and renewed complexion. The scrub itself has just the right amount of grittiness, as it isn’t too abrasive yet you can feel the polish working it’s magic. It holds together well so you’re able to buff the scrub into wet skin, and rinses off beautifully to reveal skin which feels smoother and softer, and is glowing in its appearance. The scent is light, fresh and subtlety floral, with fragrant calendula and calming chamomile, and as you only require a pea-sized amount for each application, this 30ml jar will certainly last several months. I am have thrilled with the performance of Niskama Skincare’s Face Polish and I can’t wait to try more from this lovely brand.

Niskama Skincare: Gentle Face Polish – £7.00/30ml

Guiltless Skin: Illume Moisture Serum


Guiltless Skin are one of my favorite skincare brands so I was very happy to see my all-time favourite serum feature in November’s box. I fell in love with Illume Moisture Serum from the first time I used it, as it is not only protects and strengthens the skin’s barrier but also prevents moisture loss and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. The fragrance-free and weightless formula, which contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, organic lingonberry extract and organic pomegranate extract, spreads across the skin with ease leaving it feeling hydrated and silky smooth. You can see my full review here, but I have to say that my skincare routine isn’t complete without this skincare wonder within it.

Guiltless Skin: Illume Moisture Serum – £26.00/30ml (also available in a 10ml trial size for £9.00).

I Love Skin: Face Oil +


This was my first experience with an I Love Skin product but after trying their Face Oil +, I’m certain that it won’t be my last. Face Oil + is certainly an all-rounder with it’s array of benefits to help your skin survive the winter. The oil itself is naturally rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and nutrients to protect, nourish and improve the skin’s texture and appearance. As well as this, Face Oil + stimulates collagen production, heals and fades any marks and spots on the skin to send you on your way to flawless skin. The texture is rich yet surprisingly lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving behind no greasy residue, just beautiful looking skin. The oil smells incredible, harnessing the natural aroma’s of the skin loving ingredients and essential oils, including Frankincense, Neroli and Lavender, to provide a true treat for senses. Face Oil + is the epitome of I Love Skin’s motto as it is simple, natural and highly effective. I cannot wait to continue using the oil for a longer period of time discover the true benefits it can have on my skin.

I Love Skin: Face Oil + -£19.20/20ml

Felicity McDonald Organics: Rejuvenate Bath Salts


I have lusted over Felicity McDonald Organics bath salts since seeing them on their Instagram account, so I was very happy to finally get the chance to try them out in last month’s box. The all-round therapeutic bath soak not only looks incredibly pretty, but is also beneficial for both the mind and body. The blend of Himalayan bath salts,  which are finely milled, dissolve quickly to create the perfect detoxifying blend that will not only soften the skin but also help ease tired muscles. The addition of juniper berry, cornflower, lavender and rose otto adds a purifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming element to this bath time treat while also relaxing the mind and uplifting the spirits.  Felicity McDonald Organics have certainly exceeded my initial expectations and they are truly the perfect ingredient to your pampering experience.

Felicity McDonald Organics: Rejuvenate Bath Salts – £8.00/50g – £30.00/365g

Okko Skincare: Foot Balm (Mini)


Okko Skincare’s balm sticks have always fascinated me, as they are truly revolutionary in their approach on how we use our skincare products. I must say that i’m not  usually a fan of the texture a lot of foot creams and balms so I struggle to maintain a good foot care routine – so Okko Skincare’s foot balm stick was a welcomed addition to November’s box. A brief swipe of the soft balm across my feet, and then a gently message into the soles, left my feet feeling intensely moisturised and smelling incredibly fresh.  The presence of Calendula oil within the balm soothes feet and aids the healing process which is great if you have cracked heels or irritated skin. I have also enjoyed using this as an overnight treatment, as my feet looked and felt revived the following morning. This little mini balm may not look a lot but it is a great way to try before you buy full-size and surprisingly, I got quite a few uses from this trial-sized version (around 4 applications). I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the full-sized version of this foot balm as it is such a lovely product that has certainly worked wonders in a small space of time.

Okko Skincare: Foot Balm Stick – £3.00/4.5g – £21.00/50g

Okko Skincare: Body Balm (Mini)


Similarly to the Foot Balm, using a balm in a stick format is incredibly innovative and unlike anything i’ve used in the past. The balm has a similar texture to the foot balm, as it is soft and smooth and glides across skin with ease. This fragrance free balm makes it perfect for even the most sensitive and problematic skin and the nourishing formula, made with rosehip oil, aloe vera and borage, ensures that skin is winter ready and moisturised all day. The mini stick contained enough balm for the whole body, and was easy to apply and rub in, ensuring no product wastage. Even though I loved the formula, I would say out of the mini duo in this months box, I would personally use the foot balm more than the body balm, just due to personal preference, however I have been very impressed by the brand and will certainly be making full-sized purchases in the future.

Okko Skincare: Body Balm – £3.00/4.5g – £22.00/50g


November’s box has been one of my favourites, as the products have certainly wowed me with their performances. Each one is perfect for this time of year and have made a real difference to my skin within a short space of time. The Natural Beauty box is a great way to discover new cruelty-free brands and products for a fraction of the full cost – as the total box value for November was £56.00 – all for just your subscription cost!

To check out The Natural Beauty Box subscription options, check out their website where you’ll also find additional products to purchase as well as gift vouchers and gifting options. You can also find my previous reviews for previous boxes here.

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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