As we all aim to reduce our plastic waste, it is the small things that can make a big difference – and our beauty products are a great place to start.

Thankfully, the plastic-free and zero-waste alternatives on the green beauty market is growing and with brands like Natural Essentoils making product changes as well as packaging alterations, the long term impact on the environment will hopefully be improved.

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I first discovered Natural Essentoils last year and i’ve made no secret that their range of make-up brush cleaning products are the best i’ve ever used.  As an Earth conscious brand, with a range of cruelty free and vegan-friendly products which are all handmade here in the UK, zero plastic packaging has become an incredibly important part of their ethos and one of the reasons why they created their Deep Cleaning Brush Jar.

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The Deep Cleaning Brush Jar comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, eradicating the need for any plastic packaging. The product itself has the same lemongrass freshness of the original brush shampoo with the addition of tea tree and thyme which gives a clean and earthy quality to the cleansing formula. Just when I thought my brush cleaning routine couldn’t get any easier, Natural Essentoils wowed me again with a product that cuts my brush cleaning routine in half yet. Simply wet your make-up brush, rub in the jar until it begins to foam and rinse; it really is as simple as that! Not only are brushes left looking clean and smelling fresh, but you can be safe in the knowledge that all bacteria has been removed thanks to the antibacterial properties that will reduce breakouts and skin irritations.  I’ve also found that after cleaning my brushes with the Deep Cleansing Brush Jar, my brushes are in better condition as they not only feel softer but look brand new again.


The Deep Cleaning Brush Jar works on fresh and dried-on make-up, from foundation to lipstick and everything in between. As the brush cleaner is so effective, it also means that I clean my brushes more often, therefore my make-up application is greatly improved and I am never without a clean eyeshadow brush! What I love most is how little product I use each time I clean my brushes, as i’ve been using this for several months yet still have over half a jar left making it incredibly good value for money.

If you’re looking for a make-up brush cleaner that is effective, ethical and completely natural then you won’t find a better product than this. To use a brand’s zero plastic alternative of a product you already know and love is a daunting prospect, as more often than not, the product never quite lives up to my high expectations. This was certainly not the case for Natural Essentoils Deep Cleaning Brush Jar as the product performs just as well (if not better) than it’s plastic-packaged sibling and is certainly a product that would upgrade anyone’s make-up brush cleaning routine.

Natural Essentoils: Deep Cleaning Brush Jar – £8.49/120ml

Have you tried any products from Natural Essentoils yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget to follow them across social media where you’ll also find details of their kickstarter campaign to launch more zero-waste alternatives in the future.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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