Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that discovering amazing products is an exciting experience yet there is no better feeling than finding an array of incredible natural and independent beauty brands in one place – and that is certainly what i’ve discovered recently with Blomma Beauty.

Blomma Beauty, taken from the Swedish meaning ‘to bloom’, is the epitome of its namesake as not only does it provide a platform for beauty brands to grow but also takes the minimalist approach of Scandi culture in its ethos of complete transparency and no-nonsense attitude towards the green beauty industry.


Blomma Beauty began from a struggle to locate natural beauty brands in one place, so was founded to give potential customers a seamless experience from browsing the website to receiving their purchases – and everything in between – ensuring that the process is as easy and hassle free as possible.

The ethos of the company itself ensures that the brands featured on the site are carefully curated so that their products are natural and/or organic, contain no harmful chemicals, are cruelty free and have sustainability at their heart, whether it be in the packaging or the very ingredients that go into the products themselves.

The shopping experience with Blomma Beauty is an incredibly easy one, browsing a site which has a clean, simple and modern design that reflects upon the very foundations on which the company developed their brand. Navigating from page to page, browsing the brands on offer and even reading their ingredient-dedicated blog posts is effortless, with no distracting adverts, pop-up’s or flashing images to detract from the whole experience.


The site really does showcase some incredible indie brands with some existing personal favourites such as Ezape Naturals, Casa Mencarelli, Terre Verdi and Silvan Skincare to some new discoveries in the form of Ginger Green Co, Hemsley Organics, Nom Nom, SoapNSkin, and Pink & Green Skincare (among many more!). The brands have a passion and dedication to great skincare, with each one offering something very different, whether it be the products they formulate, target market or budget; there really is something for everyone.


On a recent visit, I made a purchase of three products* from various brands including Cut.Le.Crap, True Skincare and Silvan Skincare, selecting products that were affordable yet promised to deliver on high quality. Ordering my items was incredibly simple, with each screen in the checkout process presenting only the necessary information, with no pressure to purchase more.  I did experience one small issue with a promotional code I was using but I must say that the customer service was exceptional, as within 5 minutes of sending an email to Blomma Beauty I had a reply and the matter was dealt with immediately with a very sincere apology.


When purchasing from more than one brand, you might notice that despite paying a flat rate of £3.95 for shipping on orders under £30.00, and receiving free delivery on orders over £30.00, that each item will arrive separately from each natural beauty brand. This is not only a great way to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible and experience each brand’s personal touch in your parcel, but it also eradicates wastage from products that sit waiting to be purchased only to be thrown away when they are past their best before date (and minimises the carbon footprint of each product as the middle man is eradicated from the shipping process).


I received all of my products within a week (as promised) and had no problems with delivery. I’m currently testing each product out so you can expect reviews coming very soon but what I must say that my overall experience has allowed me to shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that my future purchases will be in good hands with Blomma Beauty.

But we are not done yet as Blomma Beauty go beyond a simple place to shop, as they are so much more than just their website. Not only do they showcase the like-minded brands via their online store but they also host a multitude of beauty events and pop-up shops within the London area throughout the year. Their events vary from product making masterclasses, pop-up beauty shops and Q&A’s with the makers and creators of the products sold online. Tickets to each event are sold on their website and subscribing to their newsletter and social channels will also ensure that you never miss any information on an event or promotion across their store.


With so many incredible natural beauty brands on the market, finding fantastic products is relatively easy yet finding amazing places to buy a selection of different brands is a difficult task that Blomma Beauty have just made so much easier. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get 15% off your order by using the code ‘BEAUTYFOLIO15’ at the checkout – a great incentive to treat yourself to a new beauty buy.

You can check out Blomma Beauty for yourself over on their website where you’ll also find their social media channels.

Have you shopped at Blomma Beauty yet?

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: Blomma Beauty kindly #gifted me a £30.00 promotional credit to use on their website. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such. The products photographed are my own and may contain previously #gifted items. The discount code ‘BEAUTYFOLIO15’ is an affiliate link.

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