I’m sure i’m not the only one guilty of neglecting their feet during the Winter months yet with the central heating, harsher weather conditions and winter footwear it is no surprise that our feet need a little more TLC than usual…

When creating my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide this year, I knew I wanted to include a foot care treat as the Christmas rush will certainly take its toll on our feet. I have been a fan of Bespoke Aroma for a while yet I hadn’t got around to trying their Spa range which launched earlier this year. The range is inspired by the numerous spas the brand work with and the products are formulated with each skin type in mind, from head to toe.


All Bespoke Aroma Spa products, much like their original Bespoke Aroma range, are natural, vegan and free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, mineral oil, palm oil and micro-beads. They are all handmade in the Lake District and are all formulated with high quality ingredients to ensure that you are always getting the best possible product delivered to your door.


The Bespoke Aroma Spa Foot Scrub is presented in a beautiful glass jar with silver lid, making it look luxurious and feel more premium than traditional foot scrubs,and would make a lovely addition to any bathroom or skincare stash. I also love the fact that this beautiful jar can be re-purposed after use and already have plans to use it as hair accessory storage when i’ve finished using the foot scrub itself.


The scrub is formulated with Himalayan Salt, virgin coconut oil, argan oil, safflower seed oil, castor oil, peppermint leaves and rosemary leaves, along with peppermint and rosemary essential oils, to buff away dead skin cells, soften, smooth and refresh the feet – while also helping to ease aches and pains. The texture is unlike any scrub i’ve used in the past as it has a beautiful soft texture, which enrobes gritty Himalayan salt, and rubs into the feet with ease. It doesn’t feel too abrasive on the skin like foot scrubs i’ve used in the past yet it is certainly more effective.


After just one application my feet not only felt softer and smoother but nearly all the dry skin had been eradicated. After use, my foot cream absorbed much quicker and left my feet feeling the best they had done in a long time. The added bonus of Bespoke Aroma Spa’s Foot Scrub is the glorious aroma of peppermint, with a herby undertone of rosemary, that is uplifting and refreshing on both you feet and the senses alike.


I have to say that each time I use this beautiful foot scrub I love the results even more. The 200g jar also makes this exceptional value for money as despite using this for over 6 weeks, I already have a lot of scrub left which will see me well into next year. The effectiveness and overall performance is outstanding and my experience of using the brand’s Spa range has been fantastic – so much so that I already have a growing wishlist of Spa items to try in 2020!

Bespoke Aroma Spa: Foot Scrub – £22.95/200g

Have you tried Bespoke Aroma’s Spa range yet? Let me know your recommendations below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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