I’ve been a huge fan of BAO Skincare for a while now and am continually impressed by the quality of their products, ethical ethos and attention to detail that really makes them stand out on the green beauty market.

Their latest collection of Christmas gifting options has been incredible to say the least, with a selection of gifting options for all budgets and product combinations that made my decision on what to feature in this year’s Natural Christmas Gift Guide incredibly difficult as they would all make beautiful gifts for that someone special (or little treat for yourself!). It was the ‘Save my Hands’ gift set that really caught my eye as hand washing has really been the epitome of 2020 and finding some great handcare treats is certainly more important than ever.

The gift set came beautifully packaged in a reusable, magnetic white gift box and natural ribbon, bow, with festive white and gold tissue paper concealing the skincare loveliness inside. The festive set also contained a cinnamon stick, orange slices and hand-written Merry Christmas postcard that made the gift box feel incredibly luxurious and well-thought out; the perfect option that will really make someone smile come Christmas morning. ‘Save my Hands’ contains BAO Skincare’s popular Brightening Hand Wash and Hand Cream, a coordinating duo guaranteed to upgrade your hand washing routine for the better. What I loved most is that the gift set contained two full-sized 200ml products as well as two 30ml versions for on-the-go application.

When gifting for Christmas, you can either opt to receive the item yourself or if you wish, have it sent directly to the lucky recipient with a ‘do not open until 25th December’ sticker to ensure there’s no peeking before the big day. But don’t worry if you love the set but don’t celebrate Christmas (or would rather send it for another occasion), all the Christmas gift sets come with a non-festive gift option too.

BAO Skincare: Brightening Hand Wash

I am a huge soap bar fan yet I actually prefer a liquid alternative in areas where guests will be using soap such as a downstairs bathroom or at the kitchen sink. We always think of liquid soaps being less ethical in some way, yet BAO Skincare have tackled this issue head-on with glass bottles, reusable plastic pump and aluminium refill pouches available to purchase.

The first part of the Brightening Hand Wash experience is packaging with a beautiful, modern design that flows across the whole collection. It doesn’t look out of place in any room with a neutral colour palette and clear bottle that looks stylish on any sink.

The soap has the most incredible scent, with sweet orange and may chang bringing a fresh, uplifting aroma to the skin, with subtle geranium just lingering lightly in the background. I found that one pump is plenty to give your hands a thorough wash, and the texture isn’t too runny that it slides off your hands before you’ve managed to lather it up. What I love in particular is the gentle lather that is created as you wash your hands as it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or stripped in any way, just clean and feeling soft after use.

It is a lovely soap that really brightens my mood each time I use it and has been a really lovely experience when using it on a daily basis.

BAO Skincare: Brightening Hand Wash – £5.00/30ml, £19.00/200ml, £85.00/1ltr aluminium pouch.

BAO Skincare: Brightening Hand Cream

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll probably know that i’m not a huge fan of hand creams as I often find them sticky or greasy and just unsuitable for day time use. I must say that my experience with BAO Skincare’s Brightening Hand Cream has been surprising, with results that have lead to me using this on several occassions throughout the day…

The Brightening Hand Cream has the same great appearance and eco-beauty benefits of its skin cleansing sibling and really does look the part when standing next to the matching hand wash. Not only does the hand cream match the hand wash in appearance but also has the same great, citrus-fresh scent of sweet orange and may chang which remains on the skin for a while after use, continuing to brighten your mood long after application.

The Brightening Hand Cream contains some beautiful skin loving ingredients as well as citrus essential oils including:

  • Shea butter,
  • Avocado oil,
  • Orange Blossom water,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Geranium Oil,
  • Macadamia Oil,
  • Apricot Kernal Oil.

These ingredients are intensely nourishing on the skin, giving the hand cream its deeply moisturising and repairing properties to help keep your hands soft, smooth and free from dry patches and irritation all day long. The texture is absolutely beautiful, with a rich feel direct from the pump that is actually incredibly lightweight as you begin to work it into the skin. It absorbs incredible well, leaving behind no greasy or sticky residue in it’s wake, just soft skin that smells amazing.

What I love most is that one pump is plenty, and as the hand cream stands right next to the soap, I don’t forget to cream them after re-washing which my hands are incredibly thankful for.

BAO Skincare: Brightening Hand Cream (£6.00/30ml, £25.00/200ml).

It is safe to say that BAO Skincare’s Brightening hand care duo are winners when it comes to great performance and results. I love everything about the ‘Save my Hands’ Vegan Gift Set, from the packaging design to the bottle sizes and beautifully scented products in my favourite citrus notes. The products have exceeded my expectations not only Brightening my hand washing experience but also living up to it’s gift set namesake and saving my hands one hand-wash at a time.

Have you tried BAO Skincare’s organic and vegan products yet? Check out all my previous reviews here, or if you fancy trying a gift set out for yourself this festive period, use the code HOHOHO to get an additional 5% off the already heavily discounted sets.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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