If you’ve been following me for a while you may have spotted my new found love of NK Naturals throughout 2020, a brand who formulate skincare with local, seasonal ingredients in line with the lunar calendar. The brand was unlike anything i’d encountered before, taking on the same basic principles of the food industry by celebrating seasonal ingredients at particular times of the year.

The Autumn Collection, which I have been using for several months now, really made the seasonal transition from Summer into the Autumn/Winter months a simple process with products designs to help the skin adjust the the dramatic change in temperatures and environments. The range embraced the natural colours of Autumn, with deeper, darker hues and Earthy tones that showcased the nutrient-rich ingredients that help to deeply moisturise, soothe and hydrate the skin. The hero ingredient is of course pumpkin seed oil, a beautiful element which helps to fight free radicals, retain moisture and promote a healthy, more youth appearance. What I love most about the Autumn Collection is the aromas, which instantly transports you to walks in the wood with the faint scent of toffee apple lingering in the background…

What is even more exciting is that the Autumn range is the first to have a mini collection added, allowing you to try out the whole range in slightly smaller sizes to really get a feel for the products themselves. The Autumn collection features the usual five products including a cleansing balm, facial oil, botanical mist, daily protection moisturiser and facial steam, All the products are designed to work in harmony together, helping your skin to adjust to the new season, but will also integrate equally well within your existing skincare for a calmer and more nourished complexion.

Autumn Concentrated Cleansing Balm

I am a huge cleansing balm fan and NK Naturals never fails to impress with their concentrated cleansing balm thanks to their heavenly texture and great performance. Autumn has the richest aroma with a deep Earthy scent with a slight sweetness lingering in the background. The cleansing balm itself is rich, thanks to the raw, organic beeswax base, and it melts onto the skin with ease, eradicating all traces of make-up, SPF and daily impurities from the skin.

It wipes away nicely without leaving any greasy residue on the skin for a fresh face which is soft, smooth and soothed. I found it particularly nice on any patches of eczema and irritation on my skin as it really helped to calm and soften dry patches. A great cleansing balm that is possibly one of my favourites from the NK Naturals collection so far.

Autumn: Concentrated Cleasning Balm – £25.00/60ml

Autumn Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

I do love a facial mist and this one has become one of my personal favourites in my skincare recently. The Copper Distilled Botanical Mist from the Autumn collection is unlike any other i’ve tried in the past, with a blend of beautiful ingredients from fresh lemon balm and frankincense hydrosol to rosemary, vegetable glycerin and juniper berry (to name a few).

It has a fresh aroma which has a little warmth to it, offering a treat for the skin as well as the senses. What I love is how multipurpose NK Naturals Botanical Mists are, with a wealth of uses such as a refreshing facial mist to hydrate the skin and boost mood to a treatment spray on cotton pads to soothe and hydrate tired, irritated eyes. It is also very effective to just pep up your skin in your AM routine if you don’t do a full cleanse. My dry and dehydrated skin really loved this particular blend, reaping the benefits of all the skin loving ingredients that really helps to balance my skin.

Autumn: Copper Distiled Botanical Mist – £15.00/50ml

Autumn: Deep Steam Salt Infusion

I have been a big fan of using the Deep Steam Salt Infusions from the brand this past year, incorporating them into my weekly facial ritual to help draw out impurites from the skin and also de-congest the sinses. The Autumn blend was the most interesting to me with the addition of pink himalayan salt, dried juniper berries and pink peppercorns which create a warm, woody aroma which is so different to the other facial steams from previous seasonal collections.

I enjoyed the sinus cleansing properties of this one in particular, as I feel the warmer scent made it feel more beneficial when utilising deep breathing, yet I must say that I this was probably my least favourite of all the seasons as I personally prefer a fresher, fruity deep steam salt infusion within my routine.

Autumn: Deep Steam Salt Infusion – £15.00/120ml

Autumn: Nutrient Rich Facial Oil

I love the way that NK Naturals put their facial oil in a rollerball applicator for easy, hassle free use that prevents product waste and promotes facial massage with each application. The Autumn Nutrient-Rich Facial Oil has certainly been one of my personal favourites within the whole collection. It contains some truly stunning ingredients such as pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn, rosemary and juniper berry (to name a few), promoting a nourished, brighter complexion that is less red and irritated.

This oil really left my skin intesnely moisturised after use, with any dryness on my skin feeling more comfortable and my skin softer and smoother. After a few days, my complexion certainly looked less dull and lack lustre, with a brighter appearance and improved texture. The scent adopted the signature, Autumnal warmth and earthy quality yet also boasted a freshness which was very enjoyable. What I loved most about this beautiful oil was the way it absorbed into the skin easily without feeling heavy or greasy in any way.

Autumn: Nutrient Rich Facial Oil – £15.00/15ml

Autumn: Enriched Protection Daily Moisturiser

Last, but by new means least, is the Enriched Protection Daily Moisturiser from NK Naturals. I am a big fan of the brand’s Enriched Protection Daily Moisturisers as not only do they help to moisturise the skin but also offer broad spectrum protection thanks to the addition of titanium dioxide. The moisturisers themselves have the lovely whipped texture that sit nicely on the skin with no drying effect or white cast.

The Autumn edition contains some truly lovely ingredients including pumpkin seed oil, oat kernel flour, rosemary, sea buckthorn and petitgrain to soothe sensitive skin, moisturise, repair and protect. My skin is always left feeling nourished without any feelings of dryness or irritation throughout the day and doesn’t leave my face looking oily or greasy after use. The scent adopts a similar aroma to the cleansing balm and facial oil, with a earthy yet fresh aroma that really makes it a pleasure to use. If you’re a make-up wearer than this may also be the one for you, offering a great bases to use under cream, liquid or powder foundations.

Autumn: Enriched Protection Daily Moisturiser – £30.00/

I absolutely loved the Autumn collection from NK Naturals as it felt very unique to anything else i’ve ever used. The scent profiles and formulations themselves made them an absolute pleasure to use. The fact that I was able to purchase a mini collection to try everything was so useful, and the way it all comes in a cotton cosmetic bag would make this the perfect gifting option too.

Mini Complete Autumn Collection – £55.00/mini set (also available in a full size set)

To find out more about NK Naturals Autumn collection, head over to their website or check out my previous posts to see my reviews of the previous seasons.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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