|AD – Award Entry| If you have a sensitive skin type, finding products to help ease inflammation and soothe irritation effectively can be difficult, especially if you suffer from dryness and eczema flare-ups too. Thankfully, when it comes to sensitive skincare, Iremia Skincare have you covered…

Since I began judging the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards back in March, I have discovered some beautiful skincare brands from overseas and Iremia Skincare is certainly no exception. The Canadian brand, based in Ontario, is dedicated to sensitive skin with a range of minimal yet luxurious formulations that target a range of skin concerns to leave you feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

I have been fortunate enough to try their award-winning product, The Restorative Facial Oil, a blend of balancing ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. The Restorative Facial Oil has been formulated to revitalise, restore and repair the skin with 11 nutrient-rich plant oils that won’t clog pores or leave skin feeling greasy.

The texture of The Restorative Facial Oil is where Iremia Skincare really excels, as its delicate, lightweight consistency absorbs beautifully and leaves your complexion looking radiant and healthy in its appearance. Despite its lightweight feel, the oil is still incredibly nourishing thanks to oils such as rosehip, jojoba, sea-buckthorn and argan that deeply moisturise and strengthen even the most dry and damaged skin.

My skin may have looked glowing in its appearance from the beautiful texture but for me, the most important element of any skincare routine is how your skin feels; and it is safe to say that The Restorative Facial Oil didn’t disappoint. My skin suffers from dryness, as well as areas of sensitivity and occasional eczema flare-up’s, so I was really able to put Iremia Skincare’s calming formulation through its paces. After two days, I noticed that the eczema around my nose was less inflamed and dry, with the oil gently caressing areas of sensitivity with a soothing blend that calmed with each application. After a week, my skin was feeling more comfortable, my eczema was visibly reduced and my face was softer and smoother to the touch. With 6 weeks of use, the great results continued with reduced redness, a calmer complexion and skin that looks and feels at its best. My eczema patch around my nose has healed beautifully and hasn’t made a comeback despite the changeable British weather.

On researching the product further during testing, it was also nice to discover that this is a multitasker too. The Restorative Facial Oil has a wealth of other uses including a hair oil, overnight treatment, oil cleanser and companion to your facial rollers or gua sha tool. I can confirm that the results was equally impressive when utilised in other ways, especially as a cleanser, but for an oil this special I prefer to keep this as a facial oil as the results certainly speak for themselves.

To say that The Restorative Facial Oil made a lasting impression is an understatement, as it certainly delivered on its promises. It left me feeling confident in my own skin without the presence of irritation or inflammation. I don’t often purchase skincare from overseas due to the cost of shipping and customs charges but this is certainly a brand that I would invest in, as the extra cost is worth it for the great results I experienced from The Restorative Facial Oil by Iremia Skincare.

Iremia Skincare: The Restorative Facial Oil – $65.00 CAD

Have you ever tried Iremia Skincare products? Head over to their website to find out more and don’t forget to check out my socials for all the updates of my CertClean judging journey.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This item was sent to me as part of the judging panel for the Clean Beauty Awards 2022. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product that has not been influenced by the brand in any way. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such. For more details on gifted products, please check out the disclaimer section on my website which can be found here. 

2 thoughts on “Iremia Skincare: The Restorative Facial Oil (First Impressions)

  1. Thank you so much for capturing these incredible results Emma! We’re beyond thrilled that you have seen such wonderful results from using our Restorative Facial Oil! We can’t wait for you to try the rest of the collection, made to calm, hydrate and strengthen your sensitive skin, leaving it rejuvenated and glowing.

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