Mizon is a South Korean cult beauty brand leading the way in innovative beauty products. Due to their extensive research in skincare, they were one of the first beauty brands to identify the benefits of using placenta in their products. Their Placenta Ampoule Cream has a higher concentration of plant placenta than any other brand which makes it one of the most beneficial on the market today. The benefits of plant placenta are extensive and if used topically, the nutrient rich ingredient promotes cell renewal and allows the skin to retain its natural moisture which would otherwise be lost; therefore decreasing dry skin and signs of aging. It is also proven to brighten the skin (often referred to as ‘whitening’ in Asian skincare) and can also soothe even sensitive skin. 

Alongside the plant placenta, Mizon’s Placenta Ampoule Cream includes Hyaluronic Acid, which retains 1000-times its own weight in moisture within skin cells. The use of Hyaluronic acid within your skincare routine is excellent for moisturisation, increasing smoothness, promoting softer skin and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I am only just beginning to try out Korean beauty products and Mizon’s Placenta Ampoule Cream is my first experience of using a placenta-based skincare product so I am excited to see if these products live up the hype surrounding them and if Plant Placenta is really as good as studies show.

Placenta Cream

Appearance: The packaging feels very premium and professional in appearance. The pot is also full to the top with the cream so immediately, I am impressed with the quantity of product you receive.

Scent: The cream certainly smells of a plant-based scent, which is predominantly lavender, but it isn’t offensive at all. The smell dissipates quickly and isn’t noticeable once applied to the skin.

Application/Results: The cream is very silky smooth and feels rich in texture. I applied a small amount to my face and used a dabbing motion until it was fully absorbed (which doesn’t take long at all!) I have very dry skin and I usually have to moisturise my face around 5 times a day. I’ve been using the Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream for 3 weeks now and I am only applying cream to my face in the morning and the evening as it feels hydrated throughout the day. My skin is now soft, smooth and isn’t flaky at all. I can honestly say that my skin feels amazing and I’ve even had people comment and how good my skin looks. A small amount of cream goes a long way and even after using it for 3 weeks, my pot is still over half full. I have slotted this into my skincare routine easily and am so impressed; I certainly won’t be changing this moisturiser any time soon!

Overall, I absolutely love this product and am so pleased that I have finally ventured into the Korean skincare market! I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about the Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream as I have seen a huge improvement in both the look and feel of my skin. I wouldn’t hesitate to use other plant placenta products and will certainly be looking out for more Mizon products to use in the future.

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