Nizz cosmetics are a relatively new brand in the cosmetics market yet they already have a large celebrity fan base and have been labelled in several media outlets as a game changer within the make-up industry. Nizz cosmetics began purely as a lipstick brand back in 2012, creating premium lip products which are vegetarian, paraben free and hypoallergenic. Made with Fairtrade waxes, oils and butters, their products are guaranteed to provide a smooth application with moisturising properties while remaining ethical and true to the brand itself.

They have now branched out from their lipstick roots and are beginning to expand into the foundation market with products already selling out on their website. Despite this being my first experience of using any Nizz product, I am so excited to test their Lustre Lipstick and put it through its paces.

Nizz Lipstick Pic.jpg

The packaging of the Nizz Lipstick is beautiful and definitely reflects upon the luxury quality the brand promotes. I also love how the colour of the lipstick is shown at the base of the tube itself (which is actually a balm in the same shade) as you always know which colour you are getting if you’re in a hurry!

As promised, this lipstick goes on well and is very creamy in texture. I would say that the finish itself is semi-matte and it is highly pigmented. Despite it having a slightly matte finish, it actually moisturised my lips as opposed to drying them out; certainly not an experience I’ve had when wearing semi-matte lipsticks in the past! I wore this on an evening out and it was incredibly long lasting. I wore it for around 3 hours and even with eating and drinking, it still remained in place. I have even worn this lipstick without a lip liner and it didn’t bleed or move around so I was very happy with the results!

Overall, based on the quality of the Nizz Lustre Lipstick, I will certainly be purchasing more products in the future. The pigmentation and lipstick wearability makes this great value for money and the ethical nature of the brand certainly speaks for itself. Keep up the good work Nizz Cosmetics; with products this good, you are certainly here for the long haul!

Have you tried any Nizz Products yet?

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Beauty Folio x

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