To prime or not to prime? That is the question…

If like me you have dry skin then you’ve probably never needed, or even contemplated, using a primer before. Primers are designed to create a barrier between the natural oils in your skin and your foundation and help to keep your make-up looking perfect for longer. This is something which is great for those with oily or combination skin yet when you have dry skin there isn’t a presence of natural oils on the skin surface so primers become redundant; or do they?

When Wonderland’s Studio Finish primer featured in my latest Libbie Club box I was about to venture into unknown territory and prime my face for the first time (and I was kind of excited!).

Wonderland Primer in Box.jpg

Wonderland products are all cruelty free and made in the UK. Their Studio Fix primer is oil-free and designed to not only give lasting results to your make-up but also reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and any other imperfections which makes it perfect for any age.


Now, I have been using this primer for about 3 weeks and I have to say that I’ve been impressed by the results. The clear-gel is very lightweight, has a non-sticky formula and is easy to apply. I’ve found that a little goes quite a long way and it instantly made my face feel silky smooth. My make-up application was easier, as it provided a smoother base, and the longevity of my make-up was greatly improved (and it also prevented my foundation from oxygenising during the day!). Despite my dry skin type, the primer didn’t dehydrate my skin at all and actually prevented any flakiness on my face from surfacing which made my skin look less dry throughout the day.


Overall I have to say that this primer was a triumph! Wonderland have created a truly wondrous primer which has really made me change my attitude towards primers. I would certainly wear a primer if I was wearing make-up for a long period of time and would definitely recommend any dry skin suffers out there to give it a try (as you might also be surprised!). Studio Finish is a great product at a great price; and you really can’t ask more than that!

To discover more from the Wonderland brand check out their website

There is also a special Libbie Club offer on Studio Finish primer this month where you’ll receive a free pigment. Click below for more details!

Beauty Folio x

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