Now, if you haven’t heard of The Hero Project  you are really missing out. This British beauty brand combines science with a wealth of beauty knowledge to create an array of skincare heroes that are designed with you in mind. All their products are innovative and make life that little bit easier as they listen to what women (and men!) actually want from their beauty products.


I am already a huge fan of The Hero Project, as both their Glow Drops and Hyasoft products are often part of my skincare routine. When I heard about the new product launch for Undo, I was very excited as I am always on the search a make-up remover  which doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.  When it appeared a week later in my Libbie Club box, I was eager to get testing!


As always, the packaging is beautiful. It is very clean and simple and in sync with the rest of the product ranges. This bi-phase eye make-up remover comes in a handy pump (which admittedly takes a few attempts to master the art of!) and the bottle is a very good size for the price.

As Undo is a bi-phase make-up remover, it combines the power of an oil cleanser with the gentle formulation of micellar water to “undo” your whole face of make-up with minimum effort. The formula contains chamomile and cornflower to sooth and nourish while hyalauronic acid conditions the whole eye area.

With a few pumps of product on a cotton wool pad, and a few seconds of holding the pad on my eye, my make-up was magically removed! Now obviously, if you have a lot of make-up on and waterproof mascara, you may need to repeat but I have never experienced something which removes eye make-up as effectively without rubbing.


Overall, I have to say that I’m thrilled with the results. I am proud to add this to my hero collection as well as my make-up removal routine.  A big thanks to The Hero Project for creating yet another skin saviour – I salute you!

Check out to get 10% off The Hero Project Undo as well as some other great offers! You can also find out more about The Hero Project, and the great work they do, over on their website:

Beauty Folio x

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